Leading Off (6/11/14)

If you're around downtown today, smile!

Attorney General Slams Boy Scouts for Anti-Gay Stance: During a speech to a gay civil rights group, Eric Holder said the Irving-based organization’s policy of excluding gay leaders perpetuates “the worst stereotypes.” The Scouts, in response, said (among other non-responses) “we remain focused on delivering the nation’s foremost youth development program.” If you’ve been paying attention for a few years, you know my thoughts on this.

RNC Visits Dallas Today, So Everyone Smile: Or scowl, I guess, depending on your political beliefs. (But you really should smile, because 45,000 visitors throwing around cash can never be a bad thing.) One thing that came out before today’s visit: AT&T Stadium won’t be considered as the main venue. Too far from downtown’s concentration of hotels.

Speaking of Major Events: The U.S. Olympic Committee named its 2024 host-city finalists, but won’t name them. Fingers crossed, San Diego!

Parachute Not at Fault For Teen’s Skydiving Crash: When Joshua teen Mackenzie Wethington fell 3,000 feet to earth in January, breaking several bones and injuring her liver and a kidney, a lot of speculation was directed at her parachute. Her lines twisted when she pulled the chute, and reason held that something may have malfunctioned. Not the case, according to the FAA. The group has no plans to pursue a civil case against Pegasus Air Sports Center, and found zero safety violations.



  • Pegaso

    Gee, what a surprise that sprawled-out venues make for a shitty convention.