Will Evan Smith Destroy Dan Branch’s Ancestral Village To Make Space for His New Water Park?

Get the movie reference yet?


Recently, Dan Branch, a lowly llama herder, traveled to Austin to beg mercy of the mighty Evan Smith. To celebrate his birthday, Smith plans to build a private water park for his own enjoyment. Only problem is, the site he selected happens to be Branch’s ancestral village (the light there is perfect). The whole place will need to be leveled to make room for the water park. In this photo, Smith considers the supplicant’s pleas. Presumably, if you watch Smith’s TribLive conversation with Branch, you’ll learn of his decision.


  • Jackson

    That’s a fascinating Q&A. The Texas Trib holds these things at 8:00 AM at the downtown Austin Club. Coffee at 7:30, show at 8:00, you’re out by 9:00 and headed to the office. They’re free and always worthy. This one had a certain kinetic energy flowing between the players from the opening bell, more than usual.