Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: May 21

Booth starts its run at the Kalita Humphreys; A Pulitzer finalist appears at Wild Detectives.

Bar area at The Wild Detectives. Credit: Matthew Shelley.
Bar area at The Wild Detectives. Credit: Matthew Shelley.

As one of the most welcome recent additions to Oak Cliff’s ever-dynamic small business landscape, the Wild Detectives bookstore has drawn glowing reviews from pretty much any publication that’s ventured to the Bishop Arts spot. That includes us, and it’s no surprise that writers, bloggers, and literary types would be drawn to the shop’s holy trinity of coffee, alcohol, and books. Not to mention, cheese. Yes, cheese. They have a variety of Spanish cheeses from Scardello, and once you get to this detail, it almost seems gratuitous.

Not to be lost in all that decadence is the shop’s commitment to readers, so tonight they’ll be hosting Pulitzer finalist Ben Montgomery, to discuss his new book, Grandma Gatewood’s Walk: The Inspiring Story of the Woman Who Saved the Appalachian Trail. Montgomery sorts through the incredible details of Emma Gatewood, a grandmother who randomly went on a 2,000-plus mile hike down the famed path, that made her a 1950s celebrity. As the first woman ever to accomplish that particular feat,  she encounters everything from snakes to criminals to hurricanes along the way. Gatewood would eventually break multiple North American hiking records set by both men and women, and Montgomery attempts to explore the emotional and marital turmoil that led this remarkable lady down such a lonely and treacherous path. The event begins at 7 pm.

Ever since a staged reading took place at the Kalita Humphreys last December, there has been much anticipation surrounding the premiere of the full production of Booth, which opens tonight at the same venue. Second Thought Theater co-founder Steven Walters wrote the story with actor Erik Archilla, and the play focuses on the dark and treasonous world of Lincoln Assassin, John Wilkes Booth. Curtain is at 7:30 pm this evening, and the production runs through June 14.

Finally, the Alamo Drafthouse will be hosting a “quote-along” for the influential Mean Girls at the theater’s sole North Texas location in Richardson tonight. I admittedly did not see this film until very recently, which I know is a crime against both pop culture and the internet. So ubiquitous is the dialogue from the movie in various internet jokes and memes, you should have no problem jumping in. Just as enjoyable as the barbed lines in the Mean Girls’ script, is how dated the fashion has become in the decade since its release. Everything from the chokers to Lizzy Caplan’s mall goth getup only aid and abet the punchlines. The film begins at 7 pm.

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