Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Apr. 7

The Final Four's final moment and the DMA's continuing discussion on Islam.

Eliza Griswold
Eliza Griswold

You may have not yet recovered from the weekend, but it’s still not over, at least event-wise. The NCAA championship will finally draw to a close this evening, thusly taking with it the profound impact it has had on the local economy, not to mention your entertainment options. I personally had a chance to experience the latter last night, and my preliminary review is that The Boss still lives up to his name, however ridiculous. He played for about three hours and kept up an impossible display of energy all the while. The crowd may not have been as uncomfortably packed as it may have been on a drier evening, but it was still considerable. As for tonight’s game between Kentucky and UConn, 80,000 plus fans are expected to descend upon Arlington, so be mindful of that.

The Dallas Museum of Art has drawn quite a bit of positive attention since the opening of its monumental exhibition of Islamic art opened last month. Tonight the DMA’s senior Islamic adviser, Dr. Sabiha Al Khemir will discuss her novel, The Blue Manuscript, which just so happens to center around the same type of artifact that is featured in the show. She’ll be joined by journalist and poet Eliza Griswold, who will read from her brand new book of poetry, which was released less than a week ago. That book, which is titled, I Am the Beggar of the World, features a traditional type of folk poetry passed down by Pashtun women in Afghanistan, and it addresses issues not often discussed in this particular cultural conversation. Griswold has traveled extensively throughout the region, and is concerned with the void that will be left for those very women, following the withdrawal of US troops later this year. With such a heavy shadow cast over certain subjects this evening, perhaps consider a serious drink at CBD Provisions beforehand.

As always, Cool Out Mondays will be held at the Crown and Harp this evening, which is a well-balanced combination of disco and funk that is something of an East Dallas institution at this point. Of course, two-dollar cocktails do tend to help lubricate such popularity. Tonight’s guest is Brian Knowles, a knowledgable dance music fanatic who likely knows his way around the aforementioned genres.


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