Six Dogs Walk Into Downtown Neimans

Neiman Marcus is incredibly dog friendly. Who knew?

Art Ortiz is the pack leader at DogFit Dallas. You can often see him walking around downtown with several dogs in tow. He’s great at identifying dogs with people problems, and is a godsend to many of us downtown dog owners.

He posted this video earlier today. As he explains it, he’d always heard Neiman Marcus was dog friendly, but had never taken his dogs inside. Today, during his normal walk, he decided to see what would happen. The overall reaction was great: everyone was kind and welcoming.

So the next time you’re thinking about making a trip to Neimans, take your dog along, or give Art a call. Either way, your dog will be happy.


  • GiantSchnauzer Gear

    Excellent service by Neiman’s as usual. Well done well behaved dogs, touring Neiman’s by Art of Dogfit Dallas…our hero.

  • Brandi Marino

    The question is would ‘ThePilatesDog’ #hollywoodhendrix want to go into Neiman’s!? UMMMMM…..WELL, OF COURSE!! We’ll be there next week.

  • Brian

    Those people behind him at the end of the video are store security…they definitely were watching.

    Dogs are welcome for shoppers, I wouldn’t get too confident if you’re just a Downtown resident looking for some A/C…