Our Sincere Apologies For This Morning’s ‘Leading Off’

The joke was offensive and not in keeping with D Magazine's mission

We’re very sorry for what happened earlier with this morning’s “Leading Off.” Yes, there was a fourth item, which we deleted not long after the post went up. The joke was offensive, and it was not in keeping with D Magazine‘s stated mission of “making Dallas even better.”

By way of explanation (though certainly not meant to excuse what occurred), our “Leading Off” posts are generally written late each night after the area’s media outlets have posted their articles for the next day’s papers. Such was the case when Tim scheduled that post for publication shortly before 2 a.m., according to our log of the incident. Longtime readers of this space are also no doubt familiar with Tim’s fondness for drinking, and, well, you can do the math.

Each of our editors works without a net on FrontBurner, so none of the rest of us saw the copy until it was public on the web just after 6 a.m. Again, we apologize to the Hispanic community and to everyone who was offended.


  • Chris Chris

    I can’t believe you guys posted that. You just lost a listener.

  • Fun time

    April Fools

  • Bethany


  • PR1

    A friend of mine saw Tim drinking in Uptown around 12:45 last night. Said Eric Celeste actually had to help Tim count his money when it came time to pay for the drinks. At a certain point Tim needs to admit he has a problem.

    • columbiasooner

      Tim drinking in Uptown…ha

  • D. Shapiro

    My wife is Hispanic. And she left me. I’m sad.

  • Aftie Fufkin

    Dangit! What did I miss?

  • Borborygmus

    No matter what, it’s still April Fool’s Day.

  • pr1

    Oh, he has face planted at The Loon on many occasion.

  • AprilFool

    Cute April Fool’s Day joke. Let ol’ Tim Rogers play to the drunken Notre Dame alum stereotype.

  • Avid Reader

    Blame the alcohol. Always a classy excuse.

  • Tim Rogers

    Prove it.

  • Tim Rogers

    Yes, yes. April Fool’s! There was never a fourth item. And all the typos and so forth were intentional, meant to suggest BWI (blogging while intoxicated). Having pulled such pranks in years past, I will tell you that they are much harder to execute in the age of social media. Hope you had fun. I know I did.