Leading Off (4/29/14)

Tuesday. Hang in there.

Mavs Lose. Well, the good news is that they were down by 20 at one point, and yet Monta Ellis still came thisclose to sending it into overtime. Tony Romo was in attendance and apparently brought his own dip cup. Cue the GIF.

Dallas Launches Plan To Create 250-Mile Network of Trails. It’s called the Dallas Integrated Trail Circuit. Cute name. But to get the thing built, we need some private money to step up. Rich people, you know who you are.

Are We Really Talking About Whether We Should Put Fluoride in Our Drinking Water? Please, don’t let the rest of the country hear that anyone is actually entertaining the notion. Big things happens here!

Brett Shipp Raises Questions About James Woodard’s Lawyers. You’ll recall James Woodard, one of the most celebrated exonerees in Texas. Last night on Channel 8, Brett Shipp, without saying as much, raised questions about whether his lawyers fleeced him after their client was sent back to jail.


  • Capasso

    Fluoride. Just sayin’.

    • Tim Rogers

      Fixed almost as quickly as you fixed that breakout on the bottom of my foot. (VERY inside joke. Sorry, folks.)

  • D. Shapiro

    I support the idea of Toll Trails to pay for the trail system. If it’s good enough for every road in Dallas, it’s good enough for every trail.

  • Ken

    Has someone determined if there is a strong correlation between the anti-fluoride and anti-vaccination crowd?

  • John

    As an out of stater observing Texas for some time , I figured you would have gotten rid of mind control fluoride some time ago, along with fillings in your teeth, the idea of evolution, algebra , oh hell.., science all together . Yeehaw !