Leading Off (4/24/14)

Mavericks, Stars, and Rangers Sweep a Busy Sports Night. You get a win, and you get a win, and you get a win. EVERYONE GETS WINS.

Proposed Pay Raise For City Council Not High Enough. The proposal by the Charter Review Commission would increase their pay from $37,500 to $49,530. Which won’t do much to attract a broader group of candidates to the Council. Like working parents, for instance. “With few exceptions, council members are either empty-nesters or childless weirdos,” said Philip Kingston, in a quote I unfairly truncated.

DPD’s First Female Helicopter Pilot Retires. Good job, Libby Cotner.


  • Eric Foster

    Dallas needs more hyphenated council persons, not broader.
    MORE STAUBACH-GATES! Does ‘Wiley Price’ qualify?
    Has Roger changed his name to Saubach-Gates yet?