Leading Off (4/21/14)

The Mavs lost. That's all you need to know.

The Mavs Lost: But maybe coulda, shoulda won. Probably too many jelly beans.

Bill Blair Dies: The Booker T. grad and Negro League pitcher was 92. In 1949 he launched Southwest Sports News, a newspaper that specialized in reporting on black college games. The paper was later renamed The Elite News, and focused coverage on Dallas’ black community for decades. Dallas Police Chief David Brown tweeted his condolences, saying “A very bright light is dimmed…rest in peace my friend…and prayers to the family.”

Police Officers Accompany Fort Worth Mayor to Australia, Local I-Team is ON THE CASE: The security detail cost “more than $10,000,” guys, and the CBS I-Team is ON IT. (The Fort Worth city budget for FY2014 is $1.45 billion.)

Boy Shot in Forest Hill: Vague statement about guns, keeping them away from children, and other cliches.


  • DelkusSleeves

    considering a recent trip to Australia cost more than $10k, and the family budget was no where near 1.45 billion, Id say that was a pretty inexpensive trip for the security detail

  • Uppercase Matt

    I get that the security details is just a drop in the bucket, but really, what the hell does she need security for? And why the hell does the Dallas city council keep upping their security? There is nothing like the mistaken self-importance of local government officials.