How Badly Does TxDOT Want the North Texas Vote?

The agency needs a constitutional amendment to survive.

The controversy over I-345 — and how TxDOT and its local partner, Michael Morris have handled it — could not come at a worse time for the highway agency. On the ballot in November is a constitutional amendment to increase the agency’s funding by $1.25 billion a year by drawing down on the state’s Rainy Day Fund.

The Legislature only granted this small amount after considerable wrangling. The agency by its own account needs an additional $4.5 billion a year just to keep up with the state’s population growth. But legislators are just as wary of the agency’s obfuscations, wild estimates, changing stories, alarmist traffic simulations, and bungling public relations as Dallas leaders in the last two months have learned to be. 

Yet those same Dallas leaders say the agency needs every dollar it can get. Texas is exploding in population, roads are already inadequate, and cutbacks to maintenance could have severe economic consequences. So why is TxDOT — like a lumbering elephant — walking all over Dallas right when it needs our votes?

Now might be a good time for the Texas Transportation Commission, whose five members are probably more politically astute than highway engineers, to get that elephant under control. TxDOT seems to have a talent for alienating legislators. If it alienates North Texas, it could lose its only chance for new funding. That would be a tragedy not just for the agency but for Texas.


  • JSSS

    DOT needs to start selling naming rights to highways. “There’s a backup on the Starbucks 121 but traffic is sliding through easily on the McDonald’s 114.”

  • Ed Woodson

    Wut? Alienating “North Texas”? I think you mean alienating “central Dallas”, at most. There is no way on earth you can reasonably interpret the tear down movement as uniformly positive for the larger North Dallas area. Many of its advocates openly state that it represents a conflict between the core and the ‘burbs.

  • 1st anon

    Not a snowball’s chance in a Dallas July would I vote for more money for highways.

  • Ted

    For me and I’m sure a number of others this epochal controversy is right up there with which lucky canine will win D’s Best Pooch award.

    Now the crowd manipulating attempts surrounding it, don’t get me wrong: those are pure gold.

  • Anonymous

    “If it alienates North Texas…”

    Try maybe 30-40 people, most of whom are opposed to TxDOT anyway.