Leading Off (3/25/14)

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Margaret Spellings “Busts Out Laughing” at Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings. Spellings is a former U.S. education secretary and she runs the George W. Bush Presidential Center. In 1995 she helped pass the law that makes possible the “home rule charter” business we are wrangling over today. Because she works for the Bush Center, she can’t take a position on the matter. But here’s the DMN: “Her ‘bystander’ status may be illustrated by a brief chat she had with Rawlings after the home-rule idea was unveiled. The mayor began by telling her that she might ‘not know about this little-known provision in the education code called home-rule district.’ ‘I just busted out laughing,’ Spellings recalled. ‘I was like, “Are you kidding me?” ’ ” Man, I don’t know. You just don’t get a chance very often to use single-double quotation marks like a Russian nesting doll that often. You’ll forgive me.

Mark Cuban Says NFL Will “Implode” in 10 Years. He took to Facebook to explain his thinking. Problem is, about three months ago, I bet Zac $5 on this very proposition. Zac said the NFL would be sunk in our lifetime. I took the wager. Zac and Cuban. Peas in pod.

Man Dies After Being Punched in the Face. Yes, he was 18. Yes, he was a Wilmer-Hutchins student. But this is one of those things where I wonder why the school matters one bit. Please tell me why Wilmer-Hutchins is mentioned in this story. To me, it seems a school’s name is dragged into a tragedy that it had nothing to do with.


  • tested

    I think the reason Wilmer Hutchins is mentioned is very obvious and reasonable: he was a star basketball player there. It helps explain who he was. Why mention a murdered woman was a mother…or worked at a school…or any detail like that? Simple: it helps explain who they were and who their death impacts the most.

  • Eric Celeste

    WHOA! Let’s take re-entry at a different angle if you don’t mind, Col. Steve Austin. Because your bet with Zac reminds me: You have my credit card. Please return it.