Is the Morning News Part of Jeff Bezos’ Evil Plan To Take Over Everything?

Resistence is futie.

Last week, after I posted the news that the News was partnering with Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post, a human person named Eric Celeste sent me this item, wherein a fellow at Marginal Revolution theorizes about what Bezos might be up to. Just got around to reading it. The gist:

One possible model at work here is simply to buy the best content from everyone else, at cut-rate prices, relying on the willingness of outside sources to price discriminate and shed some marginal IP rights for some marginal revenue. Before the rest of the world is fully aware of what is going on, suddenly you have one of the best news web sites. … WaPo will end up becoming the hub and the others will be feeder spokes, with Wapo paying a fraction of the cost for the content it receives from each one.  … Furthermore, at least in the short run, the marketing work is being done by other newspapers, not by WaPo.

Cue the Amazon delivery drones.


  • Long Memory

    I remember when Mr. Bezos bought the Post. Jay Leno said Bezos had been on the Internet while he was drunk, and buying stuff he didn’t need.

  • Wylie H Dallas

    Eric Celeste is smart.

    • RAB

      Within a narrowly defined band, yes.

  • B Bradlee

    This is the same Washington Post that you want DMN to emulate, correct?