How Chart Westcott Raised $1.2 Million for a State Rep Race and Only Got 30 Percent of the Vote

(A visual analysis.)

It's like a Where's Waldo: Can you spot the campaign message?
It’s like a Where’s Waldo: Can you spot the campaign message?

A visual analysis. (Click on photo.)

Anxious to see if Westcott’s message to voters tightens up for his May runoff with Morgan Meyer (who got 47 percent of the vote in the House District 108 race).


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  • Glenn Campbell

    You did not include the fake Christmas card. Find that one. There’s a lady in there with a seemingly fake head.

  • CSP

    I visited FrontBurner this morning, thinking to myself before visiting, “I bet, with all of the important elections last night, including many throughout Dallas and surrounding communities, that the first election-specific post of the day will focus on the race which was most Park Cities-centric.”

    Thanks, D, you didn’t disappoint!

  • Kins

    Man, you guys really have it out for Chart.

  • Eric Celeste

    I live downtown. It’s my district.

  • Posh Spice

    I am surprised there was no mention of Wick’s boy, John Carona, with the obligatory statement, “as we said,” and a link back to his cover story.

  • DallasMan

    The mailers in this race were EPIC. About halfway through the race I realized I should have been saving them – glad you did.

  • RJH


  • Dan Koller

    Let’s put that on your bragging montage.

  • M Streeter

    My favorite mailer was Harriet Miers’ endorsement in the lower right corner of your photo. It stated that she served on the Dallas City Counsel, not Council. To think that she’s not rubbing robed elbows with Scalia, Thomas and Roberts. Heckuva job, Charty!

  • Buffalo Printer

    My favorite was the one that spelled the name of our 40th President “Regan”. What the hell is the Reagan Day Dinner anyway?

  • Anon

    With all the misspellings I really have to wonder about the quality of PR firm he is using…. shouldn’t someone be proofing this stuff? I am disappointed there is a runoff and only hope that Morgan supporters make it back to the polls.

    And why did frontburner drop the ball figuring out about Chart’s rehab stint? His explanation for having a probationary license is completely insufficient ….

    • PCP

      Yeah you also dropped the ball on Morgan’s DWI arrest!

  • Bob

    The front burner has really dropped the ball… why hasn’t it reported anything yet examining chart’s new ridiculous ads? That are now going to every home in the district? I didn’t sign up to get his libelous crap.