Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Feb. 12

A robot opera, or a Snoop Dogg.

Get ready for robots.
Get ready for robots.

The Dallas Opera opens Death and the Powers this evening, and I am quite excited about it. Even if the opera isn’t necessarily your jam, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to see this.

Conceived by the American composer, inventor, and educator Tod Machover, who heads MIT’s Opera of the Future group within the university’s Media Lab, the futuristic “robot” opera is a product of its technologically advanced time and yet manages to transcend it with the universal power of a family drama. Simon Powers is a billionaire about to kick the bucket, so he downloads his consciousness into a world of his own creation—a strange universe called The System that allows him to technically live forever, albeit without corporeal form. His wife and daughter are somewhat more skeptical about joining the singing automatons. It’s just going to be really freaking cool. Our Peter Simek has a feature from the February issue with more details, which you should read right here. And then go get tickets. Performances run at the Winspear Opera House through the weekend.

Also tonight, the reincarnated artist still mostly known as Snoop Dogg has a show at the House of Blues. The rapper had some fun last week on Reddit, dropping in Will Ferrell’s AMA to request more cowbell and discuss a potential collaboration. I would be okay with that. You can still get ticket to this evening’s solo, cowbell-less performance online.

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