Leading Off (2/5/14)

Norovirus Outbreak at Richardson School; Homeowner Using House as Synagogue Sued by Neighbor; SMU Player Surprises His Mom

Norovirus Outbreak at Richardson School. Approximately 1,400 students at Richardson High School were absent this past week. Lab results show that they’re sick with the norovirus. The illness has been so prevalent that students were wearing masks, carrying disinfectant, and starting #RHSPlague.

Homeowner Using House as Synagogue Sued by Neighbor. Rabbi Yaakov Rich has been using his house as a synagogue. He hosts services every day, two times a day. Some of his neighbors aren’t fans. One is suing for $50,000, claiming that the synagogue lowers the value of his home. Others have posted signs saying “Keep Us Residential Only.”

SMU Player Markus Kennedy Surprises His Mom. This is a very sweet video and story. On Saturday, SMU’s Markus Kennedy scored 21 points during his game against Memphis. After the game, he found out that the NCAA had provided a waiver so he could fly home to see his mom, who was being deployed for eight months to Kuwait. The video you see is Kennedy surprising his mom.


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