ExxonMobil CEO Sues to Stop Fracking-Related Project Near His House

Does that make him a hypocrite?

How unfair is it to use a photo of Rex Tillerson palling around with Vladimir Putin?   (photo via Wikicommon)
How unfair is it to use a photo of Rex Tillerson palling around with Vladimir Putin? (photo via Wikicommon)

I’m not sure if this is a full-blown hypocrisy alert, but the Wall Street Journal reported late last week on a lawsuit in which Rex Tillerson, the CEO of ExxonMobil, has joined some fellow Denton County homeowners in attempting to block a fracking-related project.

Cross Timbers Water Supply Corporation wants to build a 160-foot water tower to supply natural gas drilling sites in the area. Neighboring property owners, including Tillerson, are concerned about the impact on their property values of heavy trucks frequently visiting the tower, creating additional noise and traffic.

The Raw Story cites some of Tillerson’s past critical statements about those who oppose hydraulic fracturing in the drilling process to imply his participation in the suit is a pot-kettle-black situation.

But Tillerson says this is about the devaluing of his property from the presence of the water tower, not fracking itself.


  • Dubious Brother

    We all know the devistating impact of the University Park water tower on area property values, don’t we?

  • Monte Malone

    In a just world, Rex will squat down to drop a deuce, light a cigar with a band of hundreds, and feel the woosh of exploding toilet water up his other face.

  • Bill Marvel

    Bo-gus! Without fracking, there would be no water tower. (Just as without fracking there woulds be no flaming water faucets, no earthquake clusters, no noxious fumes.) The consequences of fracking are not selective. They fall — or should fall — equally on the rich and poor.

  • Brett Moore

    Reminds me of when Sen. Ted Kennedy opposed the wind farms off of Cape Cod. All for alternative energy sources, except the ones that affect my view. It’s all NIMBY, it’s just that these folks have more resources to protect their backyard.