Leading Off (1/28/14)

Some dark subject matter this morning. Sorry.

G.O.P. Lieutenant Governor Candidates Vow To Harvest Hydrocephalic Babies From Mostly Dead Mothers. Yes, Marlise Muñoz was brain dead. Sure, her fetus was horribly damaged. But at a debate yesterday, Jerry Patterson, Dan Patrick, Todd Staples, and David Dewhurst all agreed that a judge erred in allowing Muñoz’s family to take her off life support. Each candidate promised that, if elected, he would do what he could to change state law so brain-dead people are forced to give birth to badly deformed babies. Staples said, “[W]e need to make certain that as a society, we are protecting life.” Well, certain types of life. Fun fact: since Rick Perry has been in office, Texas has executed more than 260 people.

Lewisville Woman Needs Help With Huge Cyst. Sherilyn Hurdle has an ovarian cyst so big that it makes her look pregnant. Jerry Patterson, Dan Patrick, Todd Staples, and David Dewhurst all think that Hurdle should be forced to carry the cyst to term. But Hurdle — who is without work, has no insurance, and doesn’t qualify for Medicaid — would rather have surgery. For her report on Channel 8, Janet St. James came up with this beauty: “Hurdle has two sons she would dearly love to see grow up. Instead, what’s growing inside her gut is fear.” Nailed it!

UTA To Conduct Surgical Strikes on Low-Performing Students. Why else would the university ask for (and get) permission from the FAA to experiment with drones?


  • LivefromDallas

    I saw a recap of the Lt. Guv debates last night on the news and I seriously thought it was a Saturday Night Live skit. Between the ways these goofballs present themselves (or, frankly, the way they look, I’m just sayin) and the way they let a little thing like logic get in the way of them pandering to the conservative vote, I am a appalled at the choices. Republicans and making me want to be a democrat or Tea Partier.

  • jmckee

    I for one applaud this path that the GOP has decided to go down, nothing says respect for life like using a dead woman’s body as a baby incubator against her wishes.

    For my own sanity I am going to go out on a limb here and say that these 4 people do not have a profound moral conviction that a deformed, likely nonviable fetus should be brought to term with extreme medical intervention on the corpse of a dead woman so whatever, continue this competition of saying insane things with false sincerity.

    Here is the thing, there is only so much insane s**t that you can shovel onto yourselves until the entire party reeks of s**t and your base is not growing so go ahead and do it.

    • Dubious Brother

      Paragraph 3 is a good explanation of what Obamacare has done to the Democrat party.

  • Charm Offensive

    Why is this entry dated 1/31?

    • Tim Rogers

      Eh? Looks to me like it is dated 1/28. Maybe your computer sees the future.

    • Avid Reader

      What does your computer say the market is at on 1/31?

  • Dubious Brother

    I admit that I haven’t read court documents and only have whatever information that the DMN has printed regarding this situation. Mr. Munoz (and Mrs. as well) is a trained paramedic. Mrs. Munoz made it clear that she never wanted life support which is different from DNR. If, as reported, she had been without oxygen to the brain for an hour before he found her it seems that her body would have reflected that at the time. Did Mr. Munoz resuscitate her in an attempt to save the baby?

  • TheGuy

    Talk about high risk, low reward. Exactly who would champion and agree with this position? I’m guessing the target audience (Tea Party) thinks this is too gruesome a concept, but will still vote for one of them anyway. Can’t see any independents or Dems jumping ship to vote for one of these four. It would seem to reap more political reward to stake out your own territory by saying the hospital made the right decision in this unfortunate situation.

    What is abundantly clear is we are in a Golden Age of political stupidity. If its not Gohmert or Stockman one week, its a debate between four ghouls trying to out pro-life each other. Can’t wait to see the Dem candidate run clips of this debate come election time.

  • D. Shapiro

    Can I borrow your computer?

  • Jackson

    Dan Patrick is supposedly in second place right now. It’s doubtful any of the four will get 50%, so the top two finishers will go to a runoff. This explains the hard push for the far right religious voters that comprise the base of the Republican Party in Texas.

    As such, the views expressed at this debate were worthy of a desert tent revival run by an Imam in Riyadh (just substitute Allah for God). On teaching creationism and getting more religion into the public schools, Patrick said something to the effect of, “We’re sending mixed signals to our young people. We take them to church on Sunday to pray, but then they go to school on Monday and they can’t pray, they can’t practice their faith….”

    Maybe that’s because church represents your own personal faith, Dan, while public schools are funded by taxpayers of all faiths. It’s supposed to be about readin’, writin’ and ‘rithmetic!! (And making out under the bleachers during Friday night football.)

  • Not Buffy

    All of Texas’ GOP gubernatorial candidates need to put their personal bank accounts where their alleged benevolence is. I’ll consider the veracity of their dogma if they pony up two-thirds of their personal largesse on an annual basis, to help cover the lifelong medical costs and long-term medical assistance needed to aid the deformed babies, born to brain-dead women, for whom they allegedly care. Nothing says ‘it takes a village’ more than that.

    Given Lt. Gov. Dewhurst’s nearly $20 million personal fortune expenditure on his failed U.S. Senate bid, surely he wouldn’t object to using his remaining largesse as seed and maintenance money for a private fund to pay for the long-term assistance and associated costs of caring for such babies. Certainly Patterson, Patrick, and Staples wouldn’t be far behind in their financial support of such a private fund, would they?

    If these candidates REALLY are passionate about protecting these babies’ lives, they would have championed the governor’s acceptance of $9.2 billion in federal Medicaid funds from the ACA. The fact that federal funding would cease after 3 years is a lame reason not to help babies that might suffer such a fate within the next three years. Again, ‘it takes a village.’

    Anyone with a modicum of brain cells can see through their pandering, which is obscene – as is their political brethren’s over-reaching interest in inserting probes (for not-doctor-approved, non-medical reasons) into the Va Jay Jay’s of pregnant women in medical need of late-term terminations.

    Lastly, if this issue isn’t pandering to the Religious Right or born of true conviction (for which there would be a real policy prescription), I’m not sure I really want to know the roots of Republican’s preoccupation with dead and living pregnant women’s vaginas. Unless you’re an OB/Gyn or medical examiner, it’s just way too creepy!