Ghosts of Dallas: Juanita and Phyllis, 2215 Commerce St.

This downtown building used to have a twin sister. Now see what she looked like way back when.


Irene Allender of Preservation Dallas submitted this week’s image. She writes of it:

“I have a photo here at Preservation Dallas of a building on Commerce under construction, date unknown. There were two parts, and each had a woman’s name on top. One was Phyllis, the other Juanita. The one with Phyllis is now gone, but Juanita is still around. It is on the far east end of downtown before hitting Deep Ellum.” Can any FrontBurnervians with an eye for historical detail place the date of the image? According to Dallas Central Appraisal District records, the building dates from 1925.

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Original photo: Courtesy of Preservation Dallas

Photo: Leah Clausen

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