American Eagle Airlines to Change Name to Envoy

But the name American Eagle isn't going away, really. Confused yet?

american airlines envoy

After vetting more than 1,000 options, American Eagle Airlines announced today that it will now be known as “Envoy.”

But, wait.

“This change is being made to give the company its own distinct identity and eliminate the confusion between the company’s current name and American Eagle, the regional flying brand of American Airlines Inc,” the company said in a statement. “With the formation of American Airlines Group, the 10 carriers currently providing regional service for the legacy American and US Airways networks will all eventually fly under the American Eagle brand.”

So American Eagle the name isn’t going away, really. Confused yet?

“Our people and our company – which is one the largest regional carriers in the world with some of the best people in our business – deserve a name that is all our own,” Pedro Fabregas, the president and CEO of American Eagle Airlines, said in the announcement. “By taking on the Envoy name, we can better differentiate ourselves from the competition and better market ourselves. This is important for both our people and our company as we further expand our ground handling business.”

This still really doesn’t help the countless middle-schoolers who have headed to the American Eagle terminal in search of crop tops and low-rise jeans.