Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Dec. 4

Rick Steves plus mountains. Via ATTPAC.
Rick Steves plus mountains. Via ATTPAC.

Justin Timberlake has managed to be both the boy tweenage dreams were made of and the sophisticated man of many an adult lady’s holiday-office-party-trap fantasies. (Public service announcement: The Mindy Project is just getting better and better. The Christmas episode/Danny’s Secret Santa Aaliyah dance was amazing.) The sad news is that Justin is so expensive. If you can afford him and his fancy, he will probably change your life tonight at the American Airlines Center. If not, read on.

Replacing the idea—nay, the image—of Justin Timberlake with professional traveler and unofficial marijuana legalization spokesman Rick Steves might sound the tiniest bit disappointing. Not so. Rick Steves is awesome. He’s speaking at the Winspear Opera House tonight, and you can still buy very reasonably priced $25 tickets in the upper levels. I was mostly only  allowed to watch PBS as a kid, so of course I got my first look at Europe through this guy’s eyes. Anyway, Steves has spent four months out of every year for the past 30 years—a third of his adult life—living out of a suitcase. He’s picked up a thing or two along the way. His original talk, part of an independently organized TED conference in 2011, reflects on the value of what he calls “thoughtful” travel, a pursuit that offers opportunities for cultural enrichment, personal connection, and political and social awareness.

Meanwhile, brother and sister Donny and Marie Osmond revive bits of their ’70s TV act for a Christmas show at the Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie. What’s this season without waxing a little nostalgic for something that lives on indefinitely  in Vegas? Bereft.

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