Leading Off 12/18/13

Dogs allowed; home explosion; jail time sought for Ethan Couch

Plano Will Allow Dogs on Patios. Good news for  dog lovers in Plano: the ordinance to allow dogs on patios has passed. The following quote made me realize that Plano’s Mayor Harry LaRosiliere and I can never be friends: “I wouldn’t want to dine at a place where there are dogs near me, but I think it is the owner of the establishment’s choice as to who they want as a consumer.”

Home Exploded in Azle. Barbara Pickard returned home last night to find her house completely obliterated and one of her four dogs dead while another one and the four cats are missing. It’s believed the explosion was a result of the propane tank near the house.

Jail Time Sought for Ethan Couch. By now, you know Ethan Couch, the 16-year-old who was given 10 years probation and time at a rehab center after admitting guilt in intoxication manslaughter. Couch also admitted guilt in two cases of intoxication assault. The DA is asking that he get jail time for those two cases.


  • DelkusSleeves

    Dogs on restaurant and patios is all fun and games until someone gets bit, and someone will.

  • Bintexas

    Why can’t you and the mayor be friends? Do you only choose friends with whom you agree about everything? How tolerant of you. And dull.

    Unlike Bloomberg who rules by edict, Plano’s mayor will let the market decide. Reasonability and fair-mindedness are good qualities to have in a friend.