Electrical Fire Burns Under the Joule

Avoid the 1800 block of Main Street this morning. Actually, avoid all driving this morning.

I sleep through a lot. Living downtown with thin windows has taught me how to avoid loud noises—motorcycles, people yelling after the bar, bands, Turkey Trotters. So I definitely missed the commotion this morning caused by an electrical fire under the Joule. A Frontburnervian and co-worker did not miss it however. She sent along this video, and then she evacuated her smoke-filled apartment.

I typed a lazy post about what the scene could be like, but then decided to take the dogs out to check it out. There are no flames, but there is still smoke. Main Street is shut off. And it’s dark. Looks like no one in the Mercantile, Neiman’s, or the Joule have power. I would have done real reporting, but the firefighters were busy, ice was raining from the sky, and our dog’s leash broke, which led to a second of panic as she darted down the sidewalk. I’m going back to bed.

UPDATE: Statement from the Joule: “There was a brief electrical fire under the sidewalk in front of The Joule Hotel this morning.  Very little damage was done to the hotel, but as a safety precaution hotel guests were temporarily moved to the neighboring Magnolia Hotel. The Joule Hotel’s normal electrical power has been restored. As a result of the fire, the restaurant CBD Provisions incurred minor glass and smoke damage to its exterior; and the restaurant will be briefly closed for cleaning and repairs.  We appreciate the quick response and efforts of Dallas Fire & Rescue and Oncor, as well as the support of The Magnolia Hotel,” Michael Tregoning, chief financial officer, Headington Companies.

Smoke damage done to the buildings; a quiet and dark Main Street; another look at the damage.
Smoke damage done to the buildings; a quiet and dark Main Street; another look at the damage.


  • Darren

    Power was out for about 2 hours. Didn’t hear the first bus pass by until after 8am.

  • hellboy

    typical- pac man started it!