Carol Burnett, Julie Andrews on Dallas: ‘We Mean it With No Malice, But the Rest of Texas Is a Mess’

In the sharp NY Times article Cristina links to below, mention is made of a Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett skit about Dallas:

The wives of these men — socialites and homemakers, Junior Leaguers and ex-debutantes — were no different; in fact, they were possibly even more extreme. (After all, there’s a reason Carol Burnett pulls a gun on Julie Andrews at the end of the famous “Big D” routine the two performed before the assassination in the early 1960s. “What are ya,” she screams, pulling the trigger, “some kinda nut?!”)

I’d never heard of the skit, so I looked for it, found it, and now share it. I also submit it as evidence of why my Brooklyn grandmother could never quite wrap her mind around the fact that I moved here.


  • DickSully

    I’m not sure I can wrap my head around it either. The problem is you came from LI (right?). When you come from Fredonia, AZ, anything’s an upgrade.

  • East Dallas DISD supporter

    Carol Burnett was born in Texas…

  • WmBTravis

    Giving it to the old grand-ma — Gladys Ormphby-style — huh? That’s classy! Wait, he’s from Dallas, so I guess some sorts of ugly are JUST OK.

    We must all atone for the original sin of a free-press?

    I’m so glad Nixon got Alger Hiss. Still stings a little, doesn’t it? Guess it helps to understand the trauma this town has been trying to atone for all these years.

  • augustenl750

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