Dallas Is ‘Bigger Than Ever,’ in Convention and Visitors Bureau’s New Ad

This newly posted ad by the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau starts out with the cliche images of wide open spaces, cattle, and dudes in cowboy hats, and I thought “OK, fine, the CVB has to sell the cartoon image of the city to the world, I guess.”

But then it takes a turn, and I have to say, I’m usually immune to such manipulative pleas for civic pride, but it got me pretty pumped about living here. Nicely done.

UPDATE: But, no, I don’t believe the roving B and G campaign has “reignited residents’ passion for our city,” as this other new video claims.


  • NancyKeene


  • BradfordPearson

    Whatever metric is used to determine “40,000 downtown residents” is an interesting one.

  • Jason Heid

    I suspect they’re using Downtown Dallas’ definition of “downtown,” which includes a bunch of areas surrounding the central business district, including Uptown, Deep Ellum, the Design District, the Cedars.

  • Chris Chris

    Well done… I am also digging the Dallas icons changing in the capital D logo at the end. nice touch.

  • Carrie Kelleher

    Wow, i do believe I caught a shot of Lockhart Smokehouse in there!!! Congratulations Jill, Beth, Jeff & Tim!!!!… Very nice! … Love our city!