Should This Be The New Texas State Flag?

We'll pass on Ed Mitchell's design.
We’ll pass on Ed Mitchell’s design.

No, no it should not.  It’s the work of designer Ed Mitchell, written about by Wired, who wanted to bring a “single visual language” to the flags of our 50 states. To unite their look to remind us that we’re a united country, or something.

He’s right that there are a lot of ugly state flags. Really all of the 27 that sport their state seals — especially New York and Pennsylvania and Michigan — need complete redos. Mitchell’s solution was to limit all of the flags to the colors red/white/blue, eliminate all words and seals, and to simplify them.

It’s a silly idea, of course. It’s fun that there is diversity to our flags, representing the different histories and traditions of our various states. But it’s also fun to look at what Mitchell came up with.

Unfortunately, his design for the Lone Star State is inferior to the real thing, which already sports simple symbolism in red-white-blue. To his credit, Mitchell seems to realize he shouldn’t have bothered messing with Texas:

The current flag is iconic and doesn’t need to be changed, but because this is a side project I thought it would be fun to conceptually emphasize the lone star on their flag. The goal is to make it even more iconic by enlarging the star.

Nah, we’ll keep what we’ve already got.


  • D. Shapiro


  • Eric Celeste

    I actually like the idea, if not the execution. Looking at the comments on the story, I think OH NAZI COMMENT GODWIN’S LAW GODWIN’S LAW!

  • David Burrows

    It looks like the Lone Star State of JC Penney’s

  • Luke

    End state’s rights in the Sun Belt now before it’s too late.

  • Bill Marvel

    Maybe folks would like it if they moved the star to the right.

  • billholston

    i’d hate for texas to get sued by Somalia.

    • Kenny Bierschenk

      probably don’t have to worry, Texas isn’t getting sued now by Chile…..

  • The Grammar Belle

    How many ways are there to say “Aw, hell no!”

  • losingmyreligion

    Man, that’s a boring design. Except for the implication that Texas could be majorly blue soon …

  • tonygoe

    He must be a DAMN YANKEE!!!!!

  • Giovanni Valentino

    We have the cleanest looking state flag – which also is the most memorable. Indeed, polls show that only two flags are consdiered easily identifiable by non-residents of the United States – Number 1 is the Texas Flag. Number 2 is the California Flag (no doubt because people in California needed to remember their state so had the name included in a huge font). As to a state flag that most residents NOT of said state can identify, again, Texas polls number 1 followed by California. Why change it?

  • Ken Edwards

    F’n NWO. DARE YOU TO CHANGE THE flag of texas

  • Ken Edwards

    HELL NO !

  • jhurt

    LEAVE IT ALONE!!!! That flag has our history in it. We don’t need nor do we want a change. I agree wtht D. Shapiro

  • Becci Himes

    I know some people who would probably like to conceptually emphasize the designer on a BBQ pit. It’s like telling the University of Texas to change their school colors because not everyone looks good in orange.

  • Robert Anderson

    Ed is an idiot and knows NOTHING ABOUT AMERICAN HISTORY . This dipstick made a design that looks EXACTLY Like the First Flag of the CONFEDERACY – “the Bonnie Blue Flag” . Once Al Sharpton and the other politically correct Yankees and – easily-offendable type’s get wind of this, it will be banned.

  • Marilyn Luder

    This is a Joke. Right!

  • Marilyn Luder

    This is a joke, right!!!

  • John Whaley

    Hell NO!!!!!

  • John Whaley

    Hell NO!!!! Don’t mess with Texas!!!

  • Patriot99

    but states do have rights, that’s part of what makes this country great – it’s differences that are a part of the whole…. please don’t tell me you are suggesting that we would be better off with only one central government determining everything for us? News flash, idiot, that’s called tyranny. And if you don’t think it could happen here, you are an even bigger moron than you appear to be. Jerkoff.

  • Richard

    I think it’s dumb, but it’s also obvious that the Texas flag is a rip off of the Chilean flag. The only thing Texas has on them is that most people don’t know where or what Chile is beside the food, and that’s GOOD, LONG LIVE TEXAS!