Jessica Farmer: Beautiful Woman, Lucky Gal

She’s a winner. Photo by Matthew Shelley

You may remember that earlier this year we ran a contest offering a chance to win a dream vacation for two to Turtle Island, Fiji, if you shared a vacation story with us on our D Travel Club site. We received a couple hundred submissions and then chose the winner at random from among those.

If you follow us on Facebook, you may already know that the winner turned out to be Jessica Farmer. She just happens to have been one of our 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas for 2012, featured in last December’s issue of the print product. Given all the good fortune we’ve showered upon her, I expect that she’ll think quite highly of the D Magazine Empire for the rest of her days.

You can read the story that Jessica submitted, about her honeymoon in the Virgin Islands, on D Travel Club now. Several other submissions from the recent contest are also up on the site. If you sent us your story, don’t worry. It too will be posted. We’ll be rolling those out slowly over the coming months.

And remember that we’re still in week two of this year’s 10 Most Beautiful in Dallas voting. These lovely ladies need your support daily for a chance to appear in the magazine.*


*Appearance in D Magazine does not guarantee they too will later win a luxury vacation.


  • Derek

    What a coincidence that a personality featured prominently in your magazine wins your “random” drawing.

  • Jason Heid

    It’s funny, but it’s true. The winner was chosen at random.

  • allison

    You have to be able to afford a vacation to win a vacation? Awesome.