I Would Like to Buy The Court From the Mavs’ Championship Season

Hello, I’m Zac Crain. You may remember me from such crazy make-’em-ups as that thing with the thing and the one with photos and such. Anyway, I’m here today to ask you folks to give me whatever money you have on hand so I can buy a large section of the court from the Dallas Mavericks’ 2011 championship season. It is up for auction here. As it turns out, they don’t accept trade, so I couldn’t even offer them the court I have from the year before, when they didn’t win the championship. I’d prefer this one, so help a brother out.


  • Borborygmus

    I’m broke and payday is next week. But you could sell my extruded plastic dingus on ebay if you’d like. You know, for kids.

  • D. Shapiro

    Can’t help. Student loans are kicking my arse, but I do have some extra crown molding in the garage. You’re more than welcome to have it for free. Plus I’ll throw in 25 1986 Topps Atlee Hammaker cards.

  • BrandonS

    I have no reason the think that this court section would not be authentic, but the graphic provided on the auction page shows “The Finals” inside the 3-point line, and in the photo of Chandler dunking, the logo is outside.