Ryan Romo, the Highland Park Student Who Sued the Girl Who Accused Him of Rape, is Now Being Countersued For That Alleged Rape

You’ll remember that last fall an 18-year-old Highland Park High School student named Ryan Romo was charged with raping a fellow student after a concert. The grand jury declined to indict him. Then Romo’s family sued the accuser for defamation.

Today we learn that accuser, a 16-year-old at the time of the alleged crime and identified in court documents only as Jane Doe, has countersued Romo for “mental anguish, physical pain and suffering, and medical treatment as a result of sexual assault.”

She’s being represented by Charla Aldous, who won a $9.3 million verdict in the case resulting from the Episcopal School of Dallas sex scandal. Via Culture Map Dallas:

“Ultimately, the criminal justice system did not punish Ryan Romo, in part because of what appears to be an inadequate presentation of the case by the attorney in charge,” the suit reads. “For reasons unknown, corroborating evidence was not presented to the grand jury, including the testimony of an examining gynecologist who was willing and will testify that, based on the physical trauma to Jane Doe, she in reasonable medical probability was forcibly sexually penetrated.”

The lawsuit further claims that the Romos intend to cause Jane Doe and her family distress and to discourage sexual assault victims from coming forward in cases of date rape.

“This jury will have the opportunity to send a message that this community will support those making good faith claims of assault and not tolerate attempts to trample on victims,” the suit reads.


  • Highland Park Cheerleader

    Ready? OK!!!

    U-G-L-Y This is ugly that’s no lie!!

  • Neal K

    Unless the Romos have audio/video/written evidence of a blackmail attempt by the girl’s family or a taped confession that the charges were false, I think they are going to regret filing this lawsuit. It goes back to he said/she said, and the burden of proof in a civil trial is much lower than in a criminal trial.

    I always found it weird that when the charges were filed last year, we heard all about a supposedly damning taped phone call between Ryan Romo and the girl, but when the grand jury refused to indict a couple of months ago there was almost no reporting on that tape. I guess the grand jury listened to it and decided it wasn’t that bad after all? Or – as Charla Aldous now claims – was the prosecutor so incompetent that he didn’t present the tape to the grand jury?

    • dkv

      I think you are 100% correct Neal. Imagine being a juror listening to the testimony of the arresting officer and the recorded phone call. All they need to find is that it is more likely than not that she didn’t consent or didn’t have the capacity to consent. Case closed.

  • Jefferson

    How revolting for everyone involved.

  • mkdallas

    Both lawsuits are unfortunate decisions for the two teenagers involved. Seriously, nothing positive will come out of either side’s testimony against the other’s and the kids need to be given a chance to put this behind them. Each attorney will be doing their best to make both kids look morally bankrupt and sleazy; the kind of hateful stuff that will be taken in court and/or depositions will haunt them…no winners here. I wish all the parents would reconsider the wisdom of continuing with these suits.