Leading Off (4/8/13)

Up To 50 Principals Will Be Replaced Next Year at Dallas ISD: New superintendent Mike Miles is planning a leadership overhaul. Many principals have retired or resigned. Trustees will now get a list of an additional 10 to 15 that are being forced out. But Miles has taken some heat from parents who have “ambushed” school administrators at meetings demanding to know why their principals are being let go.

Gov. Perry Preaches From Pulpit at First Baptist: The Texas Governor used the opportunity provided by the church’s dedication of its new buildings to tell the congregation they can’t “condemn certain lifestyles.” The comments raised some eyebrows considering they came from a politician who has been outspoken about issues like supporting a constitution amendment to oppose gay marriage.

Josh Hamilton’s Family Gets Extra Security for Final Game in Angels-Rangers Series: After the boos and the taunting Josh Hamilton took at the ballpark this weekend, the player’s wife requested extra security at the stadium and watched the final game of the series from a luxury box.


  • Chet

    “meetings demanding to know why they principals are being let go.”

    Why you let they principals go?

  • Allie

    Condemning lifestyles and upholding the Biblical and traditional definition of marriage are two different things. I’m not a fan of Gov. Perry, but I don’t see why you think opposing gay marriage is the same as condemning the gay lifestyle? We don’t let 4 year olds marry either