Meet the New D Magazine Mascot

BatFor spring break this year, my 14-year-old son is playing Call of Duty for about eight hours straight every day, and my 7-year-old daughter is throwing marbles around the house. It’s a blast. No way was I going to miss all that fun. So today I stayed home to spend quality time with my laptop while the aforementioned machine gunning and wildass glass ball chucking takes place. Which is a shame. Because according to electronic communications from headquarters, there’s a bat in the office. From a co-worker:

Quincy and I were by the coffee machine. She said, “There’s a bird in here.” I said, “That’s no bird. It’s a bat!” Then it started swooping and diving. There were a lot of screams. It flew up to the 22nd floor, then came back and went after Quincy and Halley. It finally settled right above Quincy’s head.