Madonna Thinks the Irving-based Boy Scouts of America Should Change Its Rules

During last night’s GLAAD Awards, Madonna — dressed in a Cub Scout uniform with way too many patches to be believable — took the Irving-based Boy Scouts of America to task for its anti-gay policies.

“I think they should change their stupid rules,” she said, after dubiously claiming that Boy Scouts rescue kittens from trees.

Anyway, the BSA is supposed to vote on removing the ban — or passing the buck and shifting responsibility to local councils and troops — in May.

(Some NSFW language)


  • Eric

    1) Well, heck, if Madona says so, then I guess, um, that should settle things
    2) Maybe the BSA is not “anti-gay” at all? Maybe they’re a Christian based organization?

  • Brett Moore

    Those patches are so wrong that I’m offended. I mean, somebody had to go buy that uniform – they couldn’t pick up the patch placement guide while they were there?

  • TenaciousDD

    I think Madonna should stop talking….
    for no one really cares what she thinks anymore.
    Not even the gays.