Friday Fun: Halloween Edition

This weekend, everyone’s favorite holiday comes to town: Halloween. So dress up in your best costume and hit the streets, you dummies! Today’s game is a Halloween-related trivia game, where you have to insert missing spooooky Halloweeny words into movie titles. I scored 33 out of 40, good enough for the 98th percentile. Come at me, bro.

Today’s soundtrack: Lightnin’ Hopkins, “Black Cat Blues,” Ryan Adams, “Halloweenhead,” Dusty Springfield, “Spooky,” John Prine, “Daddy’s Little Pumpkin,” Crystal Castles, “Magic Spells.”


  • Montemalone

    How could you leave out (Everyday is) Halloween – Ministry?

    • BradfordPearson

      Ahhhh can’t get em all.