Leading Off (2/19/13)

Dallas DA Craig Watkins Thumbs His Nose at the Court. You’ve been following this (paywall), right? You haven’t? Okay, let me get you up to speed. DA Craig Watkins and super rich lawyer Lisa Baron are totally besties 4ever. Lisa doesn’t like Al Hill III, because even though he’s a Hunt and should have tons of money, he doesn’t want to give any of it to Lisa, who at one point tried to get even more money for Al from his father, whose name is Al Hill Jr. He used to live in Dallas. I’m talking about Al Hill III, not his father. Now he lives in Atlanta. Again, still talking about the younger Al Hill. But so anyway, right before Al was supposed to go to court to talk about all the money that Lisa says he owes her, Craig initiated a criminal case against Al for mortgage fraud. So then Al was all like, “With this criminal thing hanging over my head, I can’t go to court and defend myself against Lisa. You two are totally ganging up on me!” That right there, in certain legal circles, is called prosecutorial misconduct. So State District Judge Lena Levario wanted to hear about this whole thing, and she said, “People, don’t make me do this on Valentine’s Day! If you don’t stop it this instant, I will make you all come to my court on Valentine’s Day.” And that’s what she did. Only guess what? Craig was all like, “Talk to the hand.” On Valentine’s Day, he sent his assistants to court, and they were like, “Craig’s not coming. Take that, beeyotches! That’s how you protect the sanctity of prosecutorial investigations. And, anyway, he’s sick. Yes, yes, he’s in the office right now. He’s not that sick. He’s not, like, vomiting chunks. But he’s not feeling awesome enough to come to court.” In an editorial today, the Dallas Morning News got all sour facey about the whole deal. And now you’re up to speed.

Former Saginaw Cop Loses His Ess on Video. I am writing this post on an 8-year-old MacBook running woefully out-of-date version of Safari, so I can’t watch the video myself, but you’ll probably want to watch this vid of Andrew Peterson. Because that’s the kind of person you are.

Man Kills Baby Because He Had a Bad Hangover. Dammit. The world can be an ugly place.


  • Lew Patton


  • Kk.

    The weirdest thing about this is that Watkins refused to show up in the courtroom, but his lackey claims that he honored the subpoena because he “was in the building”. What? So the next time I’m subpeona’d I can sneak into the courthouse, find a hidey hole in the building, then my lawyer can just tell the judge – nope, she’s not coming to the courtroom to take the stand, but she did honor the subpeona cuz she’s some where within the walls of the courthouse. I understand he’s fighting the ability of the judge and Al III’s legal ability to force him to testify – but to claim he honored the subpeona because he was somewhere in the building is assinine.

  • Rachael Dedman

    Wasn’t Teresa Guerra Snelson the Judicial candidate that paid DA Watkins’ wife, Tanya Watkins, $88,000 in consulting fees in her bid to win the Democratic primary last Spring? The DA ought to be paying Snelson…..oh right, he is now. Anyway — Lisa Blue wanted to be paid $50 million for six months work. Instead of letting the Hill III’s have a chance to testify in the fee dispute trial, she called and texted her “bestie friend” and sent financial donations for good measure — and viola, 8 criminal indictments against the Hill, III’s on the eve of the trial. Texas justice!

  • Eric

    Thank god doing favors for political contributors and appointing cronies to high paying jobs is strictly limited to the African American community.

    Lucky for us the Hunt family has never, ever, gotten political or judicial favors from the Dallas political system.

  • mynameisbill

    Lady Justice may be blind, but she’s got a brown paper sack full of Benjamin Franklins($$$$$) in her back pocket……and the Dallas elite have made a few contributions to that paper sack. Ergo, “It looks like it’s not going to be a very good Christmas this year, timmy” (stream of consciousness, over and ouuuuuuuut!)

  • Rick

    I’m confused. Isn’t the lawyers name Lisa Blue, not Lisa Baron?

    • Rick

      Awwww, just googled it like I should have in the first place. Nevermind.