Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Jan. 23

These guys are wearing Speedos.

International Pie Day? I’m actually way more offended I didn’t have today off than I was working on Monday.

Tonight, there’s a show worth seeing over here in the Arts District, and it closes this weekend. The Undermain Theatre is temporarily installed in the new Dallas City Performance Hall, putting on a, from all accounts, excellent production of Enda Walsh’s Penelope. Walsh, who recently won a Tony Award for his book for the musical Once, appropriates the story of Homer’s quick-witted lady who tricks various suitors for 20 years while waiting for her husband, Odysseus, to return to her. Max Hartman, Bruce DuBose, R Bruce Elliot, and Gregory Lush play four would-be lovers who are in it for the long haul, battling each other for the beautiful Penelope at the bottom of her drained swimming pool while she slinks about on high. There are all sorts of reasons to recommend this play (the Tony-winning writer, wonderful director Stan Wojewodski, Jr., the fact that even the Undermain’s weakest shows remain some of the better productions in town), but I’m also curious about how they’re using the 750 seat theater. Only slightly bigger digs than what they’re used to underneath Main Street, really.

Also this evening, FrontRow’s Christopher Mosley, he of the discerning musical tastes, spins a set at The Dram at the behest of resident DJ Blake Ward. Ward, in what is clearly an attempt to shirk his duties, has also invited artist Samantha McCurdy to do the same. Whiskey drinks are $5, so there’s that. For the curious, I sent Mosley a message this morning that said, “What are you playing tonight? Just Orange Juice?” He responded: “Possibly some Sky Ferreira, which is my current pop obsession, Trust, questionable covers of Hot Chip songs, some early `00s throwbacks, and of course, Orange Juice.” That’s all I really needed. And since Raya reported that Rio Room is closing, perhaps we’ll dance at The Dram more often.

For more to do tonight, go here.


  • mynameisbill

    Did you just jokingly say that you are more offended to not be off for ‘International Pie Day’, over a day that honors one of the main(if not biggest) leaders of the Civil Rights Movement……who was later assassinated for their heroism in confronting one of the most evil plagues of these modern times?

  • Liz Johnstone


  • mynameisbill

    At least you own up to your blunders. I suppose that that in and of itself should be “commendable”. We all have our “off” days. Godspeed 🙂