The Morning News Promises More Local Coverage

If this poorly shot photograph of yesterday’s Metro section is any indication, the Morning News is doubling down on coverage of Dallas, Collin, Rockwall, and Denton counties, promising two more pages of news in each edition. Oh, and that’s two more pages total, not each. That would be nuts.

At a time when the Star-Telegram continues to lay off workers, hope springs.


  • mynameisbill

    I read the DMN for the “funnies” sections. And then there’s also the comics section(I don’t know why, but I still love Garfield). 🙂

  • Andy Howe

    Has anyone heard about the DMN mandatory subscription for some magazines they are putting out? A neighbor says he got a flyer saying DMN was putting out 4 premier magazines and that unless he called and opted out he would be automatically subscribed to them at a cost of something like $2 each on top of paper subscription. Another neighbor says he also received a flyer about DMN magazines but tossed it without reading the fine print because he did not want any magazines (not realizing that DMN considers no action to be an intentional subscription). Personally, I don’t recall receiving any flyer; but guess I will have to call and opt out to avoid getting charged for something I don’t want. Seems pretty chickenXXXX to try to build up your subscription numbers for the magazines by tricking people into subscriptions they don’t want. Can’t find anything about it on DMN website.