Someone Has Been Trolling the Perot Museum Online, Calling it ‘Fairytale Propaganda’

Source: Reddit

Jesse Morrell is a Christian, a Christian who recently visited the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. He lives in Lindale, 90 minutes east of Dallas off I-20, where he’s the head of a group called Open Air Outreach, which is “dedicated to taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to where it truly belongs — to lost sinners.” His approach has not been accepted by all. In his self-written Wikipedia user profile, Morrell addressed some of these criticisms, saying he is “often called a ‘heretic’ and a ‘Pelagian’ by Calvinists, but he is in good company because these same Calvinists say the same thing about great revivalists like Charles Finney, William Booth, and John Wesley.”

As you can see above, Morrell did not enjoy his visit to the Perot Museum. He called it “fairytale propaganda” and was stunned that a science museum included photos of Charles Darwin and Richard Dawkins. Imagine that, a science museum with photos of scientists. The above screengrab is a Google review Morrell wrote, brought to the attention of the masses via Reddit. Redditors got a good laugh at Morrell’s expense, but thought he was nothing more than a troll. Wrong.

Jesse Morrell                 Photo: Open Air Outreach

Morrell has left identical reviews as comments in multiple Dallas Morning News stories about the Perot, using the same language each time. They’ve mainly been ignored. The Google review, which saw new life due to the Reddit post, has received one response:

“To the person complaining that the museum of facts and facts, didn’t offer a fairy tale explanation. You are out of your mind. Museums don’t deal in fairy tales. Science doesn’t deal in fairy tales. Notice the name, Museum of science and history. Now, the place you described in kentucky, the “Creation “”Museum””” Is NOT a museum. It is a theme park for the simple minded dolts that choose to believe a fairy tale over provable and measurable facts. GET OVER YOURSELF. Learn the difference between actual knowledge and nonsense.”

I spoke with Morrell via email yesterday, and he agreed to answer some questions about his visit, his beliefs, and why he was surprised that a science museum mentioned science. I haven’t heard back yet; I’m not holding my breath.


  • mynameisbill

    I was shocked and appalled, too, when I noticed that the museum didn’t have a display with Jesus riding the back of a T-Rex. Just exactly what is their agenda? After I was done shaking my head at all that “atheistic” mess that they deem “science”… faith was once renewed. For when I exited the “museum of the devil” and made it a few blocks, a man was standing on the corner handing out tract booklets, telling folks “Repent, or face the fires of hell!”…..and I let out a little sigh with a hefty “amen”. I knew I was back in the Dallas that was nearest and dearest to my heart.

  • bosshog

    fuck that guy.

  • Jo Bennett

    Do you think they chose “Perot “science” museum for a reason?If these unscientific zealots don’t like the exhibits or disagree with it….go to church and stop this ridiculous behavior…just stay away and keep your nastiness to your little group not wanting anything factual in their lives.

  • AmyS

    My only complaint was the lack of hand sanitizer given the number of 3 foot flu virus carriers in attendance. I prayed the whole time I was there.

    • Bob Mutch


  • Jackson

    So, on one hand the Perot is anti-God, and on the other it’s also a shill for industries like natural gas that are shoving their fracking boom down our throats and back yards. Let’s just rename the joint the Ayn Rand Museum and go out for drinks!

  • Bill Marvel

    Morrell’s problem is not his science, though that’s bad enough. It’s his theology. He should stick to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Genesis is clearly beyond his competence.

    • John McGlone

      Science means knowledge Bill, do you mean the God of the Bible is not described as Morrell preaches? I doubt you could last 2 minutes in a debate with him. You must be a Calvinistic atheist! I has seen stranger creatures come out of that false religion.

  • Nigger McRape

    Jesse Morrell just went full retard.

    Still, 10/10 would fuck him.

  • Bob Mutch

    what about the talking snakes

  • Bob Mutch

    Now John please don’t start the name calling of other Christians as it is a bad example to the unconverted here who will see it. Try to show love to those that you disagree with.
    By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. Jh13:35

  • Bob Mutch

    Jo, its a wonder thing in USA that you can express your views no matter how out to lunch people think they are. Now, have I told you the account of the talking snake, it is very important that you believe this you know.

  • mynameisbill

    Is “uncoverted” some type of code-speak for “one who uses brain”?

  • SuperMajo

    If you look at Jesse Morrell’s facebook page (which appears to have all of the privacy settings turned off), you can see that his real passion in life is his own ego. If you type the first few lines of his ‘review’ into a google search, you will see that it is posted at several sites. It’s also posted on his facebook page, as is this article. And the comments…oh the comments. Jesse, I’m pretty sure your god isn’t fond of whores, be they actual whores or attention whores.

    Big thanks to D Magazine for giving this troglodyte an audience.

  • Michael Torri

    It should be noted that Mr. Morrell has admitted in his street preaching and his own Facebook page that his education ended with high school. That’s it, seriously. No education whatsoever. Sounds like someone uniquely qualified to pooh-pooh a science museum…

    • Michael Torri

      Of course, with that in mind, I guarantee you he will reply, Mr. Pearson. His ego and need for self-promotion won’t let him pass up the opportunity to brag about being in a magazine. The fact that you gave this clown the time of day was enough for him to start.

  • Bill Marvel

    Not a Calvinist and hardly an atheist. Lifelong practicing Catholic, product of the nuns and eight years of Jesuit education.
    The God I worship exists outside of time and space. He created time and space — in fact, continues to create. The six days of Genesis, were they a literal account of that creation, reduce God to a kind of super-craftsman, who has to take periodic rests and is, himself, subject to time. That is, Morrell denies precisely God’s supernatural nature. His is an anthropomorphic God.
    My religion makes plenty of room for Darwin and the Big Bang a well as Genesis. I might very lose a Bible debate with Morrell, although I am a constant reader of both the Old and New Testament. But I’ll go with Jesus Christ’s description of God: “Nobody knows the Father except the Son…”

  • Bill Marvel

    My snake speaks to me all the time. She says “Micess…more mices.”

  • Rocky-Valerie Randall

    I think Jesse had some decent points. I also disagree with some of his theology, but that is not what this is about. First of all, if it is a “science” museum, then why spend time battling creationists unless you have a vested interest in doing so? That makes it look like a religion…after all, does it not take “faith” to believe that everything in this world started from nothing (“magically,” as Jesse pointed out)? Or that 70 foot dinosaurs evolved from 6 inch birds? Do not be surprised that the “simple-minded” Christian would require a bit more proof before accepting these theories based off of arrangements of bones and man-made drawings.

  • Michael Torri

    Uh, Rocky? Nobody is saying that dinosaurs evolved from birds…

    Honestly, it’s this blatant disinterest in being correct that makes creationists like Jesse laughable. I mean, if someone has no interest in getting the facts right before throwing a tantrum, then they’re leaving themselves open to ridicule.

  • Bill Marvel

    It does not take “faith” to believe that birds evolved from dinosaurs, which is I’m sure what you meant to say.
    It takes familiarity with bird and dinosaur anatomy and physiology, a good grasp of genetics, and years of intensive study. It also takes a vigorous debate among biologists in which the “theory” is challenged and defended on the basis of the actual evidence.
    If Creationism were anywhere near a rigorous, this might b a more interesting discussion.

  • Brian Levinus

    It’s amazing how three different types of feathers evolved onto most birds! Each having a different role to play in the birds life. Amazing how the feathers just sort of engineered themselves. I have often thought in regard to darwinian evolution, what evolved first, the heart, mouth, or stomach of an animal. Strange, I thought, “how could an animal eat without a mouth, or live without a heart, or digest food without a stomach.” What great faith it takes to believe such presupposition “science”. It’s definitely not observable, not sure why it’s called science anyways. Presupposed conditions, aren’t fact, are they? If so , how?

  • Michael Torri

    Well Brian, perhaps you might want to consider taking an intro biology class at your local community college. Considering we have witnessed living creatures without such things, the only excuse you might have for not understanding how they survive would be ignorance. But thankfully, ignorance has a cure.

  • Rocky-Valerie Randall

    Bill, I appreciate your response. I also agree that there are few Creationists who invest much time in trying to vigorously debate with leading scientists in their field…of course, many of them will lose all credibility among their peers and perhaps even their jobs the moment they enter the debate. After all, they are challenging all the text books (mostly written by people with a vested interest in “proving” darwinian evolution), and all the so-called evidence (mostly discovered by people with a vested interest in “proving” darwinian evolution), and all the educators (who don’t want to look foolish by challenging their intellectual superiors)

  • Mobetta

    It also makes no sense. Since a day is defined by earth’s rotation, how would the first day have been defined? Clearly it wasn’t meant to be taken literally. And to think that the authors 2000 years apparently were smarter than the literalists today is really sad.

  • Bill Marvel

    And since they are unwilling to read the “textbooks” and review the evidence, or even search for contrary evidence, on what possible grounds are we to believe them? Might there be evidence out there lying around waiting to be discovered by folks with a vested interest in creationism? But the creationists are just to lazy to find it?
    In fact, Rocky, scientists and the fossil record are challenged all the time. By scientists who chip away at this or that piece of the theory. Birds are a very good example. That they were descended from dinosaurs is a relatively new idea. It was vigorously challenged by scientists who thought it couldn’t possibly be true. Birds are warm-blooded. Dinosaurs, it appears, were cold-blooded. But the evidence kept piling up and piling up. We now have a fossil of a feathered dinosaur. Feathers are, in fact, nothing more than scales that have gradually become adapted for flight. (Their original function may have been to help retain body warmth.) But creationists are unaware of this line of evidence, or — as you suggest — too lazy to study it seriously.
    Do yourself a favor, Rocky. Take the time to really learn something about evolution. A couple good books and a trip to the Perot Museum and an open mind will do wonders for you. And the Good News, if you are a believing Christian. is that you will learn nothing that disturbs your faith. On the contrary your sense of amazement at God’s creation will be magnified.

  • Bill Marvel

    Brother Morrell: If you were half as “dedicated to taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to where it truly belongs — to lost sinners” as you are to carrying on arid and empty arguments on a subject upon which you have proved yourself gloriously ignorant, how many souls might you have saved? You’re not saving any souls here,not changing any minds? So I have to ask, what’s in it for you? What’s in it for the Gospel?

  • Bill Marvel

    “what evolved first, the heart, mouth, or stomach of an animal. Strange, I thought, “how could an animal eat without a mouth, or live without a heart, or digest food without a stomach.”
    Brian: There are actually answers to all your questions based on solid scientific evidence. But that requires you to search them out, do some reading and thinking, Visit a museum or two. Are you up for any of that?

  • Tim Stanley

    He’s an antagonist. He’s in it to provoke violence, and then retort with a hasty and expensive lawsuit. He’s also a homosexual, as well as a liar. He is not to be believed. I have witnessed this firsthand. There is a video in Jesse Morrell’s possession in which he is seen in rare true form, a vindictive “ex-gay” antagonist with a violent streak against homosexuals. I think it’s time that video surfaced, so that we can all see the fake dogma that Mr. Morrell preaches is not the same that he practices,

  • Rocky-Valerie Randall

    I love science, and I love museums. I am just skeptical of anything that is put out by a world that does not honor the Creator of such wonders. There are certainly many Creationists who DO read the textbooks and magazines. I enjoy reading articles from ICR, or AIG, and such. They don’t even agree on everything, but they do agree that the Word of God is infallible and as such, it does not contradict science (except in the cases where the Creator of nature Himself works outside the very laws He created). They just can’t Biblically make a leap where scales become feathers with very little proof of such a claim when our belief system says cattle, wild beasts, creeping things, and humans were all made at the same time (unless you perform some theological gymnastics in order to harmonize “particles to people” evolution with scripture. Given the natural laws of decay, it does seem odd that dinosaur bones (even if fossilized) would last 64 million years and still show traces of blood cells. And even though single celled creatures have the ability to absorb food and get rid of it, or have a “stomach foot” doesn’t mean that “chance” has lead it through the evolutionary process to become an upright standing primate with the ability to know and understand God, and morals, and creativity…

  • Rocky-Valerie Randall

    look at the references at the bottom of this article for example. It’s not like they are just saying “forget the evidence, the Devil planted that evidence.”

  • Jesse Morrell

    An “ex-gay,” are you serious? Atleast try to make your accusations more believable if you want to lie about me…

  • Joe M.

    “As you can see above, Morrell did not enjoy his visit to the Perot Museum.”
    Seems to me that you are actually ticked that Mr. Morell did not enjoy his visit. Seems like you are no different than a religious Christian that gets upset because his non-Christian friend that he invited to church did not “enjoy” it! You’re both wrong.
    I lived in Dallas in the 1980’s… a very conservative city at the time. My friends and I would have considered the Perot Museum a Synagogue of Satan. No true Christian can ever enjoy a place of false worship… a den of demons. We will always be in opposition to your god! So please do your self a favor, get over it… we are not joining your crowd!

  • Evilkitten3

    You’re lucky. When I try to talk to snakes, they only ever talk about killing mudbloods. I wish the snakes I knew were as cool as the snake you know. 🙁

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  • Evilkitten3

    At least learn how to write “at least” with a space in between the two words if you want to chitchat on the Internet.

  • Evilkitten3

    Obviously. “Religious” is usually synonymous with “brain dead” in my experience.

  • Evilkitten3

    ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNO-TOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!