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Someone Has Been Trolling the Perot Museum Online, Calling it ‘Fairytale Propaganda’

By Bradford Pearson |
Source: Reddit

Jesse Morrell is a Christian, a Christian who recently visited the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. He lives in Lindale, 90 minutes east of Dallas off I-20, where he’s the head of a group called Open Air Outreach, which is “dedicated to taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to where it truly belongs — to lost sinners.” His approach has not been accepted by all. In his self-written Wikipedia user profile, Morrell addressed some of these criticisms, saying he is “often called a ‘heretic’ and a ‘Pelagian’ by Calvinists, but he is in good company because these same Calvinists say the same thing about great revivalists like Charles Finney, William Booth, and John Wesley.”

As you can see above, Morrell did not enjoy his visit to the Perot Museum. He called it “fairytale propaganda” and was stunned that a science museum included photos of Charles Darwin and Richard Dawkins. Imagine that, a science museum with photos of scientists. The above screengrab is a Google review Morrell wrote, brought to the attention of the masses via Reddit. Redditors got a good laugh at Morrell’s expense, but thought he was nothing more than a troll. Wrong.

Jesse Morrell                 Photo: Open Air Outreach

Morrell has left identical reviews as comments in multiple Dallas Morning News stories about the Perot, using the same language each time. They’ve mainly been ignored. The Google review, which saw new life due to the Reddit post, has received one response:

“To the person complaining that the museum of facts and facts, didn’t offer a fairy tale explanation. You are out of your mind. Museums don’t deal in fairy tales. Science doesn’t deal in fairy tales. Notice the name, Museum of science and history. Now, the place you described in kentucky, the “Creation “”Museum””” Is NOT a museum. It is a theme park for the simple minded dolts that choose to believe a fairy tale over provable and measurable facts. GET OVER YOURSELF. Learn the difference between actual knowledge and nonsense.”

I spoke with Morrell via email yesterday, and he agreed to answer some questions about his visit, his beliefs, and why he was surprised that a science museum mentioned science. I haven’t heard back yet; I’m not holding my breath.