Our 6 Favorite Super Bowl Watch Parties in Dallas

photography by Jason Acton

Unless you’re wealthy enough to have snagged a rare ticket or you’re important enough to have been invited in the first place, you’re likely not heading to Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans. No worries. These six watch parties are almost as good. (Almost.)

Where: Granada Theater
When: 6 pm
Why:Granada’s always one of our first go-tos for sporting events. On top of massive projection screens showing the game, there’s concert-quality sound, brisket tacos (which are seriously delicious) and four dollar domestics and buckets of beer. Where better to watch Beyonce “Work It Out” during halftime than at a concert venue?

Where: Frankie’s
When: 3 pm
Why: You can pretty much always count on Frankie’s to concoct the perfect game day experience. Ticket prices ring up at $50 a pop, which might sound expensive, but they include a guaranteed spot (done), unlimited food, six drinks of choice (that’s plenty), and a “swag bag.” (We don’t know what’s in it, so don’t ask us.)

Where: Nodding Donkey
When: 2 pm
Why: Anyone who lives within a few blocks of this watering hole can tell you it guarantees a good time and a rowdy crowd of sports enthusiasts. Tickets are $108.25, which is even steeper than Frankie’s, but consider the following: ticket pricing includes a $10 donation to Make-a-Wish, unlimited drinks, lunch buffet, chips-and-salsa snack, dinner buffet, and halftime games, like flip football. You must pick up your ticket in person in advance.

Where: Bowl & Barrel
When: 5 pm
Why: The new fancy schmancy bowling alley with good fun is hosting a Super Bowl shindig. Perfect for unenthusiastic game watchers, a $100 ticket guarantees a lane, unlimited blowing, shoe rentals, and a “party park” of snacks and appetizers (like Rudolph’s B&B Melt, Barrel Dogs, Giant Pretzels, and more).

Where: The Fan Sports Lounge
When: 3 pm
Why: This swanky Victory Park sports lounge is a nice respite from frat-y Uptowners and too-rowdy crowds. You’ll get all the action you need on multiple flatscreens and great food and drinks, but you’ll also be sure you have your own table you won’t need to fight over; for table reservations, email [email protected] Not into the game? Play some pool or arcade games.

Where: The Owner’s Box
When: 4:30 pm
Why: If you’re short on change, head to the patio for free seating, extra TVs, and heaters. For general seating, expect to fork over $50. For a spot in the VIP section, it’s $50 to $100. There will be a food and beverage minimum, special themed entrees for each team, and obviously lots of TVs. We think the entry fees are worth the upscale atmosphere.