Headed to the Dallas Museum of Art Today? Check Out a Renegade Exposition.

As we mentioned last week, beginning today the Dallas Museum of Art today will allow visitors into the museum without an admission fee. Special exhibits will still be ticketed, but the museum’s permanent collection is now open to any stragglers who happen to wander in the doors to warm-up.

Among those stragglers are two artists, “KITNFACE” and “Luckyirkman” (presumably the pseudonyms of the two artists, Lucy Kirkman and Justin Hunter Allen, who run Studio Don’t F*ck This Up (DTFU)). The artists are marking the new admission policy with an unsanctioned exhibition in the DMA’s galleries. How are they doing it? Well, you need to download a booklet and Onvert Viewer, and then head the DMA’s American galleries with your smart phone which will – via codes — layer the artists’ images over the museum pieces. The end product is an infiltration of sorts, artists incorporating art into the art that’s already in the museum. Or, as the artists describe it in a release:

EA/AD uses augmented reality to discuss conventional barriers to museum freedums [sic]. Studio DTFU is pleased to present this exhibition as a continuation of the studio’s ongoing investigation in the display and marketing of digital art.

Regarding Early American, KITNFACE types of the project, “u78uy8888½½½½½½½½½½½]” fc i can haz museum sho nao?” In sƃuıʍɐɹp uɐɔıɹǝɯ∀, Luckyirkman takes a subtle approach to the American landscape and the history of the Ab-Ex mark. When asked to comment on the work, Luckyirkman says,

“ ______

/  \   \

/    \___\

|    |   |

|_H__|_o_w “