George W. Bush’s Old Pickup Now Roaming Streets of Dallas

Remember when George W. Bush put his old pickup up for a charity auction? Whoever bought the thing lives in Dallas. Saturday night while sitting at the light at Lovers and the Tollway, I espied a POTUS1 license plate. Gotta be the same truck, right? Except compare this image to the publicity shot for the charity auction. Looks like the new owner put a lift kit on it. Very tasteful.

Update: See the comments. Looks like it’s a different truck.


  • gordon

    that’s a different truck, the one you posted is a F250/350 auction was a F150..different truck

    • Tim Rogers

      I’ll trust your eye. I looked up the owner. He’s a Dallas resident who lives not far from that intersection. Which raises an interesting question: what sort of feller buys a truck that looks that similar to Bush’s and then puts a POTUS1 plate on it?

  • CSP

    I saw “RANGERS” over the weekend — which is even cooler since, of course, “Texas” is automatically right above it.

    Alas, Nolan Ryan wasn’t driving the truck.

    I wonder how much that one went for in the license plate auction.