Friday Fun: Perfect Strangers Edition

My parents frequent a hardware store in upstate New York named Williams Lumber. It has pretty good prices, is locally owned, and gives out free popcorn. Those are my parents’ three biggest requirements of any store, so Williams pretty much crushes it for them. Occasionally while at Williams — this happens with alarming, stalker-like frequency – they see Mark Linn-Baker, who played Larry “Cozzin Larry” Appleton on Perfect Strangers and, since the mid-nineties, creepy dudes on various Law and Order iterations. They smile, exchange pleasantries, then go home and call their eldest son and tell them they saw Larry from Perfect Strangers can you believe it what are the odds?

Today’s game is Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now, a Perfect Strangers-themed game that implores you to follow your dreams, just like Balki did on his trip from Mypos to Chicago. Soundtrack: Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day,” Titus Andronicus’ “A More Perfect Union,” St. Vincent’s “The Strangers,” Wale’s “The Friends N Strangers.”


  • mynameisbill

    Perfect strangers? It must be
    Every stranger i’ve ever met has been perfect you see
    A smiling face, a wink and a bright hello
    Perfected we both nod and grin
    On my many haunts ’round the city on corners, reminiscing over gin. 🙂

    Have a spectacularly whimsical weekend, frontburners! And let your hearts be your guides. Mazel Tov!