Candy Evans Rips Off D CEO for Jack Matthews Dirt

To be perfectly clear, what I’m about to show you is not a case of plagiarism. It’s just a case of laziness. And dishonesty.

Jack Matthews, as you may know, is the developer behind South Side on Lamar and the Omni. He’s reportedly kicking the tires on Museum Tower. Candy Evans, as you may know, is a former D Empire employee who now covers real estate on her own site, She also contributes to CultureMap and Pegasus. So then. Here is part of what Candy wrote about Matthews on Pegasus.

Matthews is the developer behind some of North America’s and North Texas’ most impressive projects. First and foremost is the $500 million Omni Dallas Convention Center Hotel, which opened ahead of schedule and is making money hand over fist. Matthews also developed The Bow, a 58-story, 2.2 million-square-foot headquarters for Encana Corp. in Calgary, Alberta and now the tallest building in Canada outside of Toronto.

A Canadian, Matthews grew up in London, Ontario, the fifth of sixth children and the only boy in his family. He began working for his father’s construction company at age 16, and earned both an undergrad degree and MBA from the University of Western Ontario, where he earned an undergrad degree in economics and an MBA. Matthews developed Southside on Lamar out of the old historic Sears catalog building on Lamar Street, the Beat Condos, and The Tribute, a 1,500-acre masterplanned community on the shores of Lake Lewisville featuring a Scottish links-style golf course designed by Tripp Davis and The Old American Golf Club, designed by Davis and Justin Leonard.

Here is what our own Christine Perez wrote in D CEO back in October 2011:

Jack Matthews is behind some of North America’s most impressive projects.

Another stunner is The Bow, a 58-story, 2.2 million-square-foot headquarters for Encana Corp. in Calgary, Alberta. When it opens next spring, the crescent-shaped tower will be the tallest building in Canada outside of Toronto.

Matthews grew up in London, Ontario, a city of about 300,000 people, the fifth of sixth children and the only boy in the family.

At 16 he began working for his father’s construction company, then attended the University of Western Ontario, where he earned an undergrad degree in economics and an MBA.

To the north, the company continues to develop The Tribute. The spectacular 1,500-acre masterplanned community on the shores of Lake Lewisville is home to a Scottish links-style golf course designed by Tripp Davis and The Old American Golf Club, designed by Davis and Justin Leonard.

It’s pretty clear that Candy’s 175-word primer on Matthews came directly from Christine’s story. Candy rearranged a word or two here, enough that, again, I’m not going to accuse her of plagiarism. But it’s bad. It sucks. And doing the right thing here would have been so easy. You just give credit where it is due. “D CEO profiled Matthews last year. He is behind some of North America’s most impressive projects.” Just be honest with your readers. “Hey, guys, here’s where I got this information. Now I’m going to recast it slightly so that I don’t plagiarize.” Or you know what? Just cut and paste. Put the information in a blockquote. That’s even easier.

Pegasus, which is owned by the Dallas Morning News, ought to publish an apology.


  • Everlasting Phelps

    More likely they both ripped it off from the same press release. You might want to look into that before you get all “ought to” on anyone.

  • Tim Rogers

    Thank you for your suggestion. I followed it and asked Christine where she got her information. She told me it came from a 90-minute, face-to-face interview. Anything else?

  • Candace Evans

    You are so right — I totally meant to have a link back to Christine’s fabulous article, which was one of many I read for background. My deepest apologies and the link is there now and everywhere.
    For what it’s worth, I also interviewed Jack Matthews for a very, very long time on a private golf cart tour of The Tribute. That is where I gleaned most of my information on his background, education, family and life in Argyle. I also met and interviewed his daughter, who went to Northwestern. Anything else you want to know, just call me.
    Lazy, you got me. Dishonest, wow that stings. But what makes it better is that I am so glad to see you are reading my work… drinks for both of you on me?

  • Avid Reader

    So disappointed in Candy.

  • cbs

    I get the faux paus and the mea culpa, but I don’t get the personal attack. I loved Candy’s contribution during her time at D and on her blog. Now, if Mr. Rogers called his friend and asked “what the what,” and Candy did not fix the issue, I would have a different perspective. Matthew 18:15-17 bro. Stay classy D, you are better than this.

  • MikeRamsey

    Classy mea culpa, Candy. Well played.

  • Wes Mantooth

    I wonder if Timmy has a toothache or something. It seems odd to post such a public calling-out when he might have accomplished the same thing with just an email to Candy. No need to tell her to eat a bag of icks-with-a-d or anything. Ranch up, Timmy!

    • Tim Rogers

      I called her out because this is not a test run. She is not an intern who needs guidance. She is a professional who did something unprofessional. When grown-ass adults screwup in this business, it serves the public to bring the transgression to light.

  • sooieeehog

    Not to mention, she’s STILL being disingenuous on the wording of her article. It’s an obvious cut and paste, similar to a 5th grade book report where you take out a few words here, add a few there, but the sentence structure and phrasing are unchanged from the Perez article. And insists that she got her information from her own “very, very” long interview with Matthews. Unbelievable.

  • Everlasting Phelps

    Got it, Mr. Schutze.

  • cbs

    I’d suggest calling her calling her lazy and dishonest (“It’s just a case of laziness. And dishonesty.”) was a personal attack. I do get the offense and the need to protect the shining D beacon (and its employees). As a D devotee, I think highly of you and your work and just expected more (what do I know I thought Lance Armstrong was clean too).

  • dormand

    Cut and pasted below is the bio from his company, which has much in common with the above items.

    I suggest that in an area dramatically underserved with investigative journalism that those who make their respective livings toiling over keyboards might find better topics to report to their reading publics, such as a )
    the clotheslining of the most respected CEO/MD in indigent hospitals in the nation, Ron Anderson, who saved billions for Dallas County taxpayers with his unheralded low birthweight baby initiative, the national benchmark,

    b ) the unbelievably inept series of decisons by Jerry Jones, specifically including his canning of Rob Ryan, who will probably deliver a Super Bowl victory to his next employer as head coach within the next five years. Jerry has brought Manhattan pricing to the DFW Region, and has executed the most egregious transfer of wealth since Bernie Madoff. Jerry’s competence as GM in the NFL directly corresponds to the aggregate number of public drinking fountains in the massive Cowboys stadium. Thank you, Laura Miller, for protecting City of Dallas taxpayers from this egregious misuse of taxpayer funds.

    c ) John Wiley Price Thousands of egregious incidents are out there, topped by the clotheslining of Bruce Sherbet, widely aclaimed as the most effective elections administrator in the nation.

    I suggest that the probablility of either Jerry Jones or John Wiley Price being ousted by their respective constituencies is the same: zero.

    Let’s do a bit of ink on any of the above and spend a bit less venom on Candy Evans, who is simply one who is trying hard to serve her readers. This Dartmouth College and Columbia J School alum deserves a tad of respect for her work.

    c )

    John H. (Jack) Matthews

    Jack Matthews has led the completion of many diverse projects, in both corporate and the mixed-use developments. His experience and mastery of all aspects of development – from feasibility through to long-term financing – helps to create value at all stages in the development process.

    After receiving his MBA from the University of Western Ontario Jack rejoined Matthews Group Ltd, the family business, in 1982 as Vice President Development. In 1985 Jack was appointed President and presided over a period of unprecedented growth as company revenues grew from $69 million to $500 million. Several acquisitions were made giving the company a national presence through Carlson Construction, Mustang Engineering and Matthews Projects in Western Canada and Matthews Contracting in Eastern Canada. At the same time Matthews Southwest was established in order to provide an American presence in the development business.

    In addition to his responsibilities at Matthews Jack served as Chief Executive Officer of Paxport International a consortium put together to bid on the $4 Billion Federal contract to privatize and redevelop Pearson International Airport. Jack took on this post on a full time basis when the consortium was awarded the contract in 1993.

    In 1994 Jack relocated to Dallas, Texas and has continued to develop innovative, quality commercial, industrial and residential projects in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

    Jack’s greatest strength is his ability to assemble and complete complex projects that include hidden opportunities for value creation. He routinely finds under-utilized re-development sites, structures leveraged financing very skillfully, and manages the civic implications of urban re-development. In his understated way, he is as comfortable being part of a team as leading it.

  • Former Prof

    “Just as there are consequences for theft of property, there are consequences for plagiarism. Because academic integrity is so fundamental to the Dartmouth community, students who violate this standard usually are suspended from the College–even upon a first offense and even if they did not intend to plagiarize.”

    Dartmouth College, “Sources and Citation at Dartmouth College,” s.v. “What is Plagiarism?”

  • Karen Eubank

    That’s a bit harsh Tim. Most of this information is available on the company website and on the Internet. I know Candy has met Jack and spoken with him at length. Sure she should have linked back but who among has not made a gaffe late at night pushing a deadline? It happens. She immediately did the right thing and corrected her oversight which is what any honorable writer does.
    Lets continue to serve the public with great, interesting, newsworthy content, not sniping remarks at fellow journalists.