Brek Shea Deal Hits Snag

The deal to send FC Dallas winger Brek Shea to Stoke City in the English Premier League has hit a snag, according to ESPN and The Sentinel. According to the British paper:

Stoke and FC Dallas had made good progress on agreeing a fee — thought to be in the region of £2m should the deal go ahead. But the fee also has to be ratified by Major League Soccer under American rules and that is threatening to put a spanner in the works. The MLS is inclined to put a greater value on Shea because he is 22 and full of potential. Stoke will be wary of his fitness record in recent times, however, including a recent operation to remove a bone from his right foot.

Last week’s announcement was a bit fast-moving to be completely believable; we’ll see if something still gets done.

(h/t Daniel Robertson)


  • Peter Simek

    If this doesn’t go through, then how does the MLS explain to young talent that they should develop in the domestic league? What, only to be held hostage by the MLS?

  • Tim Rogers

    I hate it when a spanner gets in the works.

  • seventhrowscreamer

    give me that spanner and I’ll show Garber what to do with it! Hyndman may go after Garber if this fails. Hyndman can’t stand Shea because Brek’s ability surpasses his coaching.

  • Du-Oh

    This kind of thing makes me laugh and is reflective of the issue with the MLS having player “ownership” rights. As good a player as Shea is, the MLS is no proving ground. Perhaps Garber and the other league fat cats should stop pocketing money earned on the backs of others and try making some by themselves.
    If this deal doesn’t go through Shea should sue as no other top flight club in Europe will take a chance on him after the spanner (Garber) put another spanner in the works.