Julian Castro: “In The Next Six to Eight Years, Texas Will Be a Competitive State”

Brothers/twins/political two-headed dragon Joaquin and Julian Castro sat down on Charlie Rose Monday night, to talk about gun control, immigration, and the Hispanic vote. It’s only 20 minutes long, The Super Mind Evolution System

2699″ target=”_blank”>so throw it on your headphones.

At the tail-end of the interview, Rose asked San Antonio Mayor Julian about the shifting political landscape of Texas. He gave three reasons:

  • demographic changes (65 percent of growth in Texas has been Hispanics, he asserted)
  • the economy (driving Dems from California, Nevada, and other states to Texas for work)
  • this nugget: “The Republicans have just gone off the rails, and are losing the business community little by little”

He went on to say state Republicans have become more concerned with “ideology than pragmatism.”


  • CollinBabs

    And in the next six to eight years, I’ll be outta here

    • Bobtex

      Don’t le the door hit you in your nether parts.

  • Mike

    Where will the Dems from CA, NV etc go when Texas is turned into a great Democratic bastion of bankrupt cities and high taxes just like CA?