Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Nov. 6 (The Go Vote Edition)

Recognize anyone? That’s Vice President Biden at A.I. DuPont High School, Greenville, DE. Photo by Amy Rosenfield, used with permission.

Seriously, go do that, before you chug a bottle of Prosecco and do whatever it is you do during the evening hours. (I don’t know, maybe you’re some sort of vigilante with an affinity for forest green.) Even if there are no freaking stickers. Polls close at 7 p.m. tonight, and if the polls close while you’re still in line, stay in that line.

Tuesday party.

And then head to the Granada Theater for our D Election Night Live party, where we’ll all be drinking something and watching the live election coverage on giant screens. One will be a Twitter feed, and we welcome you, amateur comedians. And of course, there’s musical entertainment. Don’t miss The Burning Hotels, AiR DeeJay of Track Meet, and DJ Paris Vidal. As I said yesterday, most or all of us staffers will be there, so you’ll get a chance to see my mug not at the top of this blog post (hope everyone enjoys looking at my smiling illustrated face every day, by the way). Tickets are five bucks, and you can get `em online or just by walking up later this evening.

If you’re not quite up for a party, the personal essay/oral storytelling series, Oral Fixation, kicks off its second “season” this evening with an evening of true stories that revolve around the theme of “Baby Steps” at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary. The tales you’ll hear this evening include one by frequent D Magazine contributor, knowledgeable sports person, and comic book enthusiast David Hopkins entitled “One Request Before You Leave: How a Road Trip, the Beatles, and a Motel in Missouri Made Me a Better Ex-Husband.” This is a good time, reminiscent of The Moth in New York City. I recommend it, and I promise you’ll be out before the final election results are in. (Also, the TVs in the lobby of the MAC will obviously be on.)

For more to do tonight, go here. Vote vote vote vote.


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