• Zac Crain

    “Jesus kick-starting a Yamaha, Bradford. You think I don’t know how to spell Colorado? I was talking about Corado Jones, Chuck’s man Friday, my part-time comb coordinator, and the leader of my GOTV movement. He’s also teaching me the Wobble. Gotta keep up with the young folks if I’m gonna have a chance in 2016.”

  • Buford Cluckers

    I do love the genius that is Zac Crain.

  • Avid Reader

    Invent? Please. Corado has been around since the President announced that the US in fact has not 50 but 57 states. Nothing new here.

  • JayJay

    Sounds like a Biden moment!

  • Albert

    A blog post about a typo?

  • Harvey Lacey

    As you are stuck in traffic in one of our FM (farm to market) two lane highways appreciate our Gov. Instead of the gas taxes going to build and maintain like they are supposed instead they are funding DPS security for the Gov and ass covering by swipiing 6 billion dollars from our highway funds into the “balanced” general budget. You’re following some one at a snail’s pace so he can toss his locks for the camera while doing Republican phone calls.

  • Harvey Lacey

    You’re not over the moto taxi rides in Haiti are you? I’m going back Sunday.