Leading Off (11/27/12)

Dallas ISD’s New Chief of Staff Quits. Last month, Alan King unexpectedly resigned as Superintendent Mike Miles’ right-hand man. To replace him, Miles hired Leonardo Caballero, paying him $180,000 a year. He was announced as the new chief of staff on November 12. Now, though, he has quit the gig (paywall), citing family reasons. I am absolutely certain that you should take Caballero at his word and that these unexpected resignations are not a sign of trouble. Yes, the position would have paid Caballero twice what he was making at his previous job. Sure, I know he was pretty vague about the whole “personal and family reasons” excuse. But here’s what you need to ask yourself: if the Zetas drug cartel kidnapped your daughter and would only return her safely if you quit your new job without offering a concrete reason, wouldn’t you do it? I thought so.

Plano Can’t Build Parks. Plano voters have approved $51.2 million in bond money since 2005 to build eight major parks and recreation projects, but the city can’t move forward because if those projects are built, Plano couldn’t afford to operate them (paywall). Citizens of Plano, this is a good thing. Learn from Dallas. If you build cool parks, it only makes parking a bitch. Thanks a lot, Klyde Warren!

P.S.: That Above-Referenced Story About Parking Around Klyde Warren Is Embarrassing. Seriously, people. A story you won’t see in New York: “Parking Tough To Find Near Central Park.” A story you won’t see in Chicago: “Parking Scarce Near Millennium Park.” Urban density. Get used to it.

Pack of Pit Bulls Maul Man. Pit bulls are unfairly stigmatized as aggressive, violent animals. Think about it. Golden retrievers could have done this. Labradoodles, too.


  • CollinBabs

    Pit bulls MAUL man. I don’t think they went shopping….

  • craigt42

    So the pit bulls took him shopping?

  • Eric Celeste

    If I’m going to steal stuff from your post for my post, you’re going to need to date the GD thing correctly.

  • vseslav botkin

    Millennium Park sits atop a 2,000-space underground parking garage. Not that I personally favor encouraging people to drive into the heart of downtown, but there is ample parking at that particular location for those who do.

    • gimmethewooby

      There are more than 5,000 paid parking spots within walking distance of Klyde Warren. This isn’t suburbia where everyone can fight over a spot right next to the big box store.

  • Daisy Mae

    Mall? Mall?!?!? Mall????????????? MAUL!!!!

  • critic

    Walk or cycle to the park or go to a park closest to your home. If your live in Plano go to your parks in Plano.
    Please don’t build anymore parking lots.

  • Mr. Mojo

    Dammit. Fuck.

  • Tim Rogers


  • Steve Zimmerman

    Are we a “World Class City” yet?

  • Tim Rogers

    I confess. I have a serious problem with homophones. As Krista said, our entire staff is blind to them. I can almost guarantee you that one homophone screwup appears in every issue of D Magazine. It’s embarrassing.

    • Brett Moore

      Breaking news. Tim Rogers is homophonic. And that makes me sad.

  • Uppercase Matt

    Golden retrievers or Labradoodles COULD have done it, if they were aggressive, violent animals like those pit bulls. Funny, I’ve never seen the “pack of retrievers maul a guy” story.

    Flip side of urban density — prompt towing from illegal parking in private lots. Folks will soon be getting used to that, too.

  • Daniel

    Pit bulls just get bad PR, is all. They’re sorely in need of a well-crafted, pithy slogan:

    Pit bulls don’t kill people; well, I mean, they do, but not as much as cars, or tobacco use or probably even suicide, I’m guessing, which, I mean, talk about a grisly way to off yourself, death by pit bull, I wonder if that’s ever been done, I freaking doubt it. So there you go. (TM)

  • Wes Mantooth

    Verbose is the new pithy.