Leading Off (11/14/12)

Prostitute Program Scrutinized. The Prostitute Diversion Program, used to rehabilitate prostitutes after they’re arrested, is five years old and has one staff member who is paid $76,000 a year. The program has only a 40 percent success rate, and John Wiley Price says that’s not good enough. He wants the program shut down. He was out-voted, however, and the program will continue under DA Watkins’ office.

Rare Gun Is Missing From Fort Worth Museum. I wouldn’t say the gun is stolen, per se. It’s just not where it used to be. At least, that’s according to this sentence from the story: “Officials at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History would not say that the 100-year-old antique weapon was stolen; only that it had been seen on Tuesday morning and was gone by Tuesday afternoon.” I’m sure it’s still there, somewhere.

Immigrant Dies; Friends Try To Raise Money To Send Her Body Home for Funeral. This story is heartbreaking. Feh Kidze, 30, has a husband and two kids in Cameroon. She’s a licensed vocational nurse, and has been working to create a better life for her family. Two weeks ago (just a couple days after she was told she was pregnant), she was driving to work when her car broke down in the middle of the road. A pickup hit her, killing her. She was the sole income for her family in Cameroon and now her friends are trying to raise enough money to get her body home so she can have a funeral with her family. (There’s info at the end of the story if you want to help.)


  • Lew Patton

    Not sure why JWP would oppose this program. He’s been screwing people out of money for years.