BREAKING: Eric Celeste to Quit CultureMap Column

Where to begin? Eric Celeste has quit too many things to list here (The Met, Star-Telegram, Observer, etc.). There isn’t enough internet. So let’s begin in April 2010. That’s when Eric, having already quit his spot as the managing editor of D Magazine, quit from a whole separate division of our company, D Custom. He went off to create his own consultancy thingabob called Three Treatments, whose highest-profile client was DA Craig Watkins’ reelection campaign. Eric quit that campaign in October 2010. Less than a year later, he quit Dallas, moving to Atlanta to become the editor in chief of Creative Loafing. He beat the over and stayed in Atlanta longer than a year but then quit Creative Loafing last month.

Now comes word that Eric is back in Dallas and hiring out his services, apparently, to anyone with a spare login who is willing to defend rapists. (Wow, even I think that was mean.) Starting Monday, Eric will write a daily column for CultureMap. The easiest way to describe that column would be to call it an adaptation of our own daily Leading Off post (which is fitting, because Eric created that concept for us). Sources did not disclose (or we weren’t sober enough to ask) what the title of this daily feature will be. But one thing we can say for certain: Eric will quit CultureMap. Just a matter of time.

If you doubt my powers of prognostication, here’s an exchange between me and Eric in the comments section to a July FrontBurner post about turmoil in the upper ranks at CultureMap:

Eric Celeste @ 1:23 pm on July 25, 2012: They just hired Teresa Gubbins, too. I dunno, Timmy, seems like a pretty solid enterprise. Good, smart people, most of whom hate you. I freaking love that business plan.

Tim Rogers @ 1:31 pm on July 25, 2012: When’s your first day?

Eric Celeste @ 1:44 pm on July 25, 2012: Weird thing: They said I don’t hate you *enough*.


  • Mike Simmons

    dang dude.

  • Eric Celeste

    God, I love that picture. So trim. So … long ago.

  • Wes Mantooth

    In my semi-unofficial role as bookie to the FrontBurnervians, I’m setting Celeste’s over/under at the new gig at October 31, 2013.

    • Eric Celeste

      $10. You’re on.

  • Matt

    He’s the perfect double-blind agent.

  • RAB

    Yeah, but he never quit his marriage. Wait.

  • Cheryl

    I adore Eric and not because he’s beautiful. He is, but he’s a talented writer. Welcome back!

  • Alexander Muse

    Ouch… Bitter much?

  • Wes Mantooth

    Easy there, Pete Rose. You can’t bet on your own game.