Vandals Trash Halloween Display

Remember the FrontBurner post about that home Halloween display in Colleyville, the one that depicted the principals in the presidential race as clowns and such? The one that various commenters labeled unimaginative and of course “racist,” because the president was suspended in a big spider web?

The one where another commenter said the display was in such very poor taste, it wouldn’t be surprising if something “happened” to it? Well, guess what; something did happen to the Colleyville display.

According to CBS11, unidentified persons ripped off the characters’ heads, shredded the signs, and made off with an American flag. Leaving the homeowners to explain that, no, they didn’t take their display down–vandals did. Nothing like a little tolerance for opposing views, eh?


  • Bob

    Karma’s tough.

  • Beccalyn

    Here’s the thing…when you put up a display that can be viewed by some as controversial, there is a possibility of it being vandilized, especially after being in the local media.

    I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s not surprising.

    It’s like my friends in Dallas that put up a Obama/Biden sign in their front yard. Obviously being a democrat is controversial in Texas…and the sign has been vandalized or stolen multiple times. It doesn’t stop them from putting a new sign up.

  • Steve

    It’s getting to the point where racists can’t even be racist anymore!

  • towski

    Ah, Glen. Be sure and rush to judgement and assume a liberal conspiracy, rather than the more likely kids as vandals scenario.

  • Dani K.

    Strange, I just assumed the original display was the vandalism.