Richard Malouf Sues Candy Evans, Laura Wilson, Byron Harris, and WFAA

Candy Evans just got herself some more material to write about. But it’ll cost her. Evans, as you might know, once covered real estate for D Magazine and D Home. While working for us, she was the first one to learn the location of President George W. Bush’s pad. She’s dogged when it comes to tracking down real estate rumors and news. Lately, she has focused that doggedness on Richard Malouf’s house on Strait Lane. It’s big. He’s building a water park in his backyard. And Malouf has been the subject of media scrutiny for his high-flying lifestyle and the way his dental clinics conducted their business.

As you can see from the filing below, Malouf has had enough. He has petitioned for a temporary restraining order against everyone in the headline above, and he’s seeking damages for invasion of privacy, trespassing, libel, and defamation. In cases like this, my default is to side with the reporters for obvious reasons. Malouf doesn’t like the fact that WFAA flew a chopper over his house to take pictures (they must have used a pretty big lens, because Malouf’s house lies in the no-fly zone around Bush’s house). Don Henley sued us a number of years back for doing the same thing. Apologies to rich people with big houses, but the media are allowed to do this (and so is Google). Too, Malouf’s filing is about as purple as it could be, calling Evans’ work a “photographic assault” and saying that she has been “seizing images.”

But certain of Malouf’s claims, if true, I think will cause Evans trouble. He says that she approached a former house manager with the proposition of planting a hidden camera inside the Malouf house. Laura Wilson, mother of the famous brothers, lives next door. Malouf claims that Wilson colluded with Evans, allowing her onto the Wilsons’ roof to take pictures. And Malouf claims that a couple years ago Evans entered his property uninvited during his daughter’s birthday party and started interviewing the girl.

Really, though, it doesn’t matter whether Malouf’s claims are true. Fact is, the man clearly has money, and he’s clearly pissed. He has the means and the motivation to rack up some stout legal bills. WFAA has the resources to deal with this challenge. Candy Evans? The increased traffic to her site that this development will bring won’t begin to cover it.

See the suit document after the jump.

Malouf Petition


  • DGirl

    I hope he poops in his pants.

  • marisa

    Candy could ask for donations on her web site…….least we forget about freedoms in this country at least at this time? Thinking malouf will need something to occupy his time while in the slammer. Keep us informed this will give the public entertainment during the election process…….blah !

  • SPK

    What an exquisite, exemplary FrontBurner post. Well played, sir.

  • mike

    Do you have to collude with someone to let em up on your roof?

  • Grumpy

    Tim, do you not have a comment on your former colleague’s character, or what you find believable? From what I know of Candy, I doubt the camera-in-closet ploy, or birthday party sneak attack on the daughter. Most importantly, she denies it. Also, though I doubt Dr. Evan’s has the kind of bank account Malouf has, I’d imagine they will not be sleeping on the street in order to defend themselves, especially if this winds up being filled with fabrications. I also have a really hard time envisioning Laura Wilson engaging in a TMZ “lite” plot; too classy. Really, why is your opinion and humor absent from this spectacle?

  • Glenn Campbell

    Funny that Uncle Tim [Tom] fails to mention in this post that Malouf is charged with defrauding taxpayers out of 100s of millions of dollars, and perhaps, just maybe, his resultant opulent lifestyle is of some public import.

    No, instead [tacitly] take sides against a former colleague because you guys can’t play in the same sandbox.

    Uncle Tim, you are officially a company man. Good luck w that.

  • RAB

    I commenter named “Sensei” posted this comment on Candy Evan’s site, which I reproduce below because it makes me giggle:

    “I’m still laughing at Tim Rogers’ desperate attempt to mine some relevance for D Magazine (“Candy used to work for us, and I can spell Strait Lane”) out of your hard work while adroitly singling you out from the rest of the defendants in order to cloak his thinly-veiled schadenfreude over your being sued in the special back-handed faux concern D typically reserves for ex-employees and interviewees with no more perceived value. Poor Tim, clearly in a former life he was one of those miniature dogs which lurk under the settees of the wealthy and dart out to bite guests on the back of the ankle when they’re not looking. Wick was really fortunate to find him in human form.”

  • Neal

    “But certain of Malouf’s claims, if true, I think will cause Evans trouble,” Tim said with a certain relish, adding “WFAA has the resources to deal with this challenge. Candy Evans? The increased traffic to her site that this development will bring won’t begin to cover it.”


  • Laura M.

    Boy, it sure would suck to be formerly employed by D Magazine, right Jim Schutze, Trey Garrison, Mike Orren and Candy Evans? Would it be easier, Tim, if you just T.P.’d their houses?

  • Critic

    May I fly my camera equipped drone over the Malouf water park ? Or will Malouf heat sinking missiles shoot my drone out of the sky? For God’s sake this is Strait Lane not Syria!

  • Eastside

    Laura Wilson is way too classy and dignified to engage in BS bahavior like that. Sounds like this guy stole money from people and is trying to deflect attention from himself.

  • RE Fan

    Candy’s work for D was awful. I am so happy she no longer is associated with D.

  • All of this could have been avoided if Mr. Malouf had consulted with Barbara Streisand first.

  • LCM

    That lawsuit is not written in lawyerly language. More like yellow journalism language.

    Spell check doesn’t like lawyerly. I do.

  • hollowite

    Why isn’t this cheating scumbag suing google too? It’s no different than WFAA or Candy’s pics. If he doesn’t want the attention, maybe he shouldn’t build a grotesque house with stolen taxpayer money.

  • Spartacus

    In the event that anyone wants to read more about the “private civil hearing” that was allegedly interrupted by Harris, you can peruse the public records by going here and then entering the case number dc1103906. Uh oh, is Malouf now going to sue Dallas County for publishing public court records on the ‘web?

    By the way, there ain’t such thing as a private civil hearing, due to that whole open courts provision of the Constitution.

  • Brooks L. Powell

    Why is Candy Evans’ home address redacted and Byron Harris’ is not?

  • Chris

    wasn’t there a case in California similar to this? and the homeowner won? off to google…

  • Kk

    Seems to me that dragging the Wilson brothers mother into this is going to bring way more attention than the local reporting has. They repeatedly say the seek solace, privacy and solitude? By living in a gigantic house on strait lane with a waterpark in the backyard? While copping to crimes involving fraud using children? Not a chance.

    Today gossip sites have an aerial view of Brad Pitts LA home, pointing out the features. He wont sue and either should this guy. His own bad deeds made him a publicly discussed person. Newsworthy. And he built a freaking waterpark in his yard. I’d expect this to get laughed out of court. Of course I don’t believe for a minute candy tried to get a camera snuck into their home. The rest seems perfectly legal.

  • O’Cliffer

    Can someone please explain to me, how this thief, has the gall to tie up the courts with this lawsuit, when it was you and I, the tax payer, that purchased this abomination he calls home? This crook, lifted 15.7 million dollars of taxpayer money over the last three years, through Medicaid payments to his All Smiles Dental Centers. Damn, if I rooked the government out of nearly 16 million, I’d be “All Smiles” too. I think we, the taxpayers, have a right to know how OUR money has been picked from our pockets, and where it went. There should be a helicopter parked over his shopping mall of a house 24/7, watching every move. Pig.

  • Another Eric

    He got away with it because wealthy white people are held to a higher/different standard, just because they can stir up a legal hornets nest, like Malouf has done here, and never suffer for it other than financial.

    Malouf mined the Medicaid rules for millions the same way the bankers did in our recent financial meltdown and only suffered financially, if at all.

    Just imagine if U.S. Attorney Saldana put the same effort into pursuing Dr. Malouf that she does with John Wiley Price? They both deserve scrutiny, but Price is the far easier, cheaper target to go after.

    If corruption and criminality continues to be this profitable and so unpunished, it will continue to flourish.

  • Cynic

    Giant Dental clinic being constructed on Strait Lane!
    How can a business called ‘FREE TEETH’ be opened in a residential neighborhood?
    Since our local building inspector has allowed this to occur it is time for the FEDS to check this out.

  • Just Me

    O’Cliffer had me at pig.

  • Mac

    @ glen Campbell and the rest of you –

    Check your facts. Richard Malouf has NOT been charged with defrauding tax payers! In fact, there are NO criminal charges against him. Check with the US Attorney’s office, not wfaa. This is ALL public record. If he had been criminally charged with ANYTHING, that indictment would be public record! Don’t you think Candy and Bryon would have attended the criminal court proceedings against Dr.Malouf if there were any? Don’t you think they would have posted the criminal indictment by now???

  • FabTX

    Yes, I remember this… that case involving their son is them suing the Jewish Community Center, Clark Hunt and the former Coaches of their son’s soccer team. Son was hurt while goofing around on a soccer field had to have major reconstructive surgery on his leg and they sued the people they thought should have prevented or kept him from getting hurt. Malouf just doesn’t like to get put in his place.

  • sadiemae

    I worked in the Malouf family home for several years. Dr. And Mrs. Malouf are as unprincipled as they come. Their hubris will do them in eventually.

    What is beyond me is why on earth two people under such scrutiny for defrauding the government and taxpayers would further draw attention to themselves by making such a stink about the media attention their ridiculous lifestyle has garnered them? I would think they would try to fly under the radar.

    But then again, these two have always believed themselves to be the smartest people in any room.

    I kind of wish I could be there when they find out they’re not.